Friday, May 8, 2009

TGIF! It's Foodie Friday!

Happy Friday, everyone! I just wanted to welcome all those of you who may be stopping by due to The Leftover Queen's kind recommendation of me for Foodie Friday! I am SO honored! I love being part of the Foodie Blogroll. There is such a great community of bloggers out there, and I have learned a lot and collected SOOOO many recipes from you all. I can always find everything I need to know from my fellow bloggers!

Sorry I've been a bit behind on my blogging has still been a bit insane after some crazy situations with trying to buy a house, but things are slowing down again, so I will once again be able to blog. I have a very exciting idea for cupcakes that I can't wait to get started on. Plus, I'm getting a new roommate that is excited to learn how to cook, so my adventures in the kitchen should be exciting this summer!

Anyway, welcome everyone, and have a great Friday and enjoy the rest of your weekend!!! Thanks for stopping by!


Julie said...

Nice to see you posting again! :)

Scoop said...

Congrats on being featured on the foodie blog roll. I am peaking in from Leftover Queen.

Ben said...

Congratulations! I can see why your blog made it to FFF. I'll be coming back to check your delicious food out :)

Iron Chef said...


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