Monday, November 15, 2010

6 Months - Doctor Visit

Sammy finally had her 6-month checkup today. She is getting to be a little tank! Let's get right to the good stuff:

Height: 28 inches - 98th percentile
Weight: 17 lbs, 14 oz - 80th percentile
Head Circ.: 42 1/2 cm - 50th percentile

I was surprised to find that she has gotten so much taller. I guess I should have known though, since she has a much easier time standing in her exersaucer now! Her weight constantly amazes me. She weighs almost a pound more than I would have guessed. She is definitely a good eater! She is right on cue for all of her development. We are still having lots of constipation issues, but hopefully we'll get those resolved. I'm going to keep her on solids, but we are not feeding her ANY binders - no rice, no sweet potatoes, bananas, etc. Today she had oatmeal, pears, and prune juice. Mmmm....
We have to take her to a specialist in a couple of weeks to look at her head and make sure her cranium isn't closing up too soon. I'm very nervous - hopefully everything is okay!

Next visit? 9 months!


Amber said...

Ha! That is how much Echo weighed at a year :)

Alanna said...

Seriously? Wow. Yeah, Sam's a chunk.

thanya said...

Oh no!!! Hope Sam's head is ok. Was the doctor concerned about her cranium closing up too soon? I've never heard of that before. Well, Sam is one healthy little booger, so I am sure everything is gonna be fine! :)