Thursday, January 6, 2011

Eight Months

Dear Samantha,

Today you are 8 months old. You are growing so very quickly. Every day you can do a little bit more! You are really getting the pincer grasp down now so we put little bits of food on your tray so you can practice feeding yourself. It gets messy sometimes, but you do a little better each time.

You are still not crawling, but you roll all the time and occasionally you will get up on all fours and rock a bit. You will throw yourself forward from the sitting position in the direction you want to go, but then you get frustrated when you can't make yourself move any further. You are much happier if we pull you up to your feet and hold your hands so you can walk. You are taking really big steps now, and you've balanced on your feet for a few seconds. You haven't figured out how to pull up on furniture just yet, but I'm sure it's coming soon! Your Daddy never did crawl, and he didn't start walking til pretty late, so we are wondering if you are going to be the same way and go straight to walking.

We are still waiting for your teeth to break through. I can't believe it's already been 4 1/2 months since I first thought a tooth was going to come through. You hardly have any signs of teething right now, so I'm not expecting them to come through anytime soon. I'm sure they'll be here eventually. For now I love seeing your gummy baby smile!

You make all sorts of sounds now. Almost every day you are making new consonant sounds. You have a different sort of cry for pretty much everything that's bothering you. And of course, you laugh A LOT. I have never met a baby that smiles and laughs as much as you do! You try to make friends with people everywhere we go. You will try to catch someone's eye by smiling at them, and if you succeed in getting a smile in return, you are incredibly happy!

This month was a very exciting one for you. We celebrated Christmas at home before we went on vacation, and you were thrilled to play with all the wrapping paper. You got all sorts of fun presents! A couple days before Christmas you got to go on your first plane ride. Mommy was a bit nervous that you wouldn't do well, but you were great! The take-off and landing didn't seem to bother your ears at all, and you were really well-behaved during the flight. You only got fussy a couple of times and it was very easy to distract you with something else to play with. On the flight home you were actually laughing so much that people were turning to look and see the cute baby. What a nice change from the other screaming babies on the flight! While we were in Ohio you had so much fun seeing your grandparents again and meeting lots of new relatives. You did really well for having a disrupted schedule almost every night. You are such a social baby. You weren't shy around new people at all! It was funny to see which people you instantly gravitated towards, and others that took a while for you to warm up to. You enjoyed spending time with everyone eventually though!

We are still working on sign language with you. Sometimes I think you're trying to sign "milk" or "all done" but they seem to be out of context most times when you do them. Hopefully we'll be able start communicating that way with each other very soon!

Each month with you has been better than the last. You get more and more fun every day! You have such a fun personality, and a great sense of humor. You make Mommy and Daddy laugh so hard every day! I couldn't ask for a more fun baby. I love you with all my heart!


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