Friday, March 25, 2011

A quick update on things.

Did you notice? I missed an entire week. I couldn't figure out why all my weekly emails were telling me that my baby was 46 weeks, when clearly she was only 45. My blog doesn't lie, right? And then I realized I was BEHIND. Can you imagine...the mother of a new walker was actually behind on her blogging!??! Unbelievable. So I did some quick fixing...and all the weeks are back up to date now. :)

(The thing that REALLY bothers me is that I had a folder of all Sam's weekly photos so I could easily make a book with them at the end of her first year, and now that folder is GONE. I must have deleted it, and I am so bummed. That's 46 pictures I have to go hunt down now!)

But anyway, here's a quick update on where we are, aside from the weekly photos and random mobile photo posts:

As you have seen, Sam is walking now! She waited until Daddy got home the other night, and decided to show us both that she has a new skill. Since that night, she has been walking every chance she gets! I keep turning around to find her walking towards me. She will pull herself up on almost anything, and walks several steps. She walked halfway across the living room yesterday. Amazing! When she is done, she always turns to us for congratulations. She is SO proud of herself, as she should be! She still crawls if she's in a hurry to get somewhere, but otherwise she prefers to walk along the walls and furniture until she can make a break for it on foot across the room. At this rate she'll be walking like a pro by next week!

She has also started demanding the spoon during mealtimes. She still makes quite a mess with it, but she's getting better with her aim, and can actually get 50% of the food in her mouth now. (The other 50% seems to end up in her hair, which is not very fun for Mommy. But at least she's trying!) Her other favorite thing to do at mealtime is to throw her food (or cup or spoon or bowl) on the floor. And then lean over to see where it landed, and then at Mom or Dad, expecting us to pick it up and return it to her. She is sure getting to be a handful!

I have been taking Sam to play at several different baby gyms, and she LOVES it! Now that she's mobile, she loves to move all over the place to check out new toys and people. She still is completely enthralled by older kids, and she has no fear, even when she's about to get bowled over by them. Sadly she keeps getting sick each time we go to one of these places. The entire month of March has been a cold for poor Sam. But she has SO much fun! Her new favorite toys are balls. She loves to use the large ones as a walker, and she has learned how to roll the small ones.

She is getting quite an attitude on her. It's hard to tell how much of it is just her being a baby and needing things, and how much of it is her just acting up. It's cute...but I can tell she's going to be a handful when she's a bit older!

We were trying to let her cry it out a bit, but when she got her cold we kind of fell back on that. She ended up waking every hour again, and requiring company all night long. I spent several nights on the floor of her room. NOT fun. Now that her cold is almost better, she is sleeping longer again, so I hope that's all the problem was! I got 4 hours of sleep in a row last night, and I already feel like a new woman. Imagine how I will feel when she actually starts sleeping ALL NIGHT LONG. I'm pretty sure I won't even recognize myself.

Until then...I better get some sleep before she wakes up. :)

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