Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sixteen Months

Dear Samantha,

One hand in the snack bowl...always!

You turned 16 months while we were in Ohio visiting family. You had SUCH a wonderful time! Pappy started off the visit right by introducing you to a gigantic teddy bear named Timothy. You warmed right up to him and had a great time with Timothy and Pappy. We had one VERY hot day in Ohio, and you spent it in the baby pool, the sandbox, and the swing at Pappy's house. The rest of our visit was cool and rainy, but you didn't mind. Grammy bought you all kinds of fun toys, and you got to meet a bunch of your second cousins who were thrilled to play with you. Grammy really helped you to learn your colors, and you learned more and more words while were on vacation.

Earlier this month, your Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Silas, Uncle Kevin, and Aunt Joanna came to visit you. You and I went to surprise them by meeting them at Disneyland! You had SO much fun at Disneyland. You could have ridden the carousels all day long. You also really liked It's A Small World and Mickey's house in Toon Town. It was so much spending the day with you and watching you enjoy all the new experiences at Disney. You got to see your first parade, and you loved all the floats and characters with bright colors and wild dances. You were very excited to have Uncle Kevin come back and stay with us for the night! The next day you got to go to the beach with everyone, and your uncles buried you in the sand. You thought it was hilarious, and wanted to be buried again and again!

This past month you have just been focusing on developing all of the skills you've already learned. You say new words every day, and you get better and better at walking, running, and climbing all the time. You are such a social little girl!

The football season started this month, and Mommy and Daddy are proud that you have already learned to say "football" and "touchdown" (along with the arm gesture!). You love to wear your Chargers jersey on football day!

It's hard to believe you are getting close to a year and a half already. You are such a fun little girl, and we love you VERY much!


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