Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Awesome Night!

So, this is not food related, but I felt like I needed to blog about my wonderful night last night. As an anniversary gift, I bought M tickets to see Heart and Journey. The show was last night. WOW. Was it amazing!!!

Heart totally rocked.

Ann Wilson can SING. That woman has got a set of pipes on her. Whoa. I just can't believe how much power is in her voice. I was blown away, seriously. When her sister Nancy took the mic and sang "These Dreams" I was seriously brought to tears, it was so beautiful.

They did a rendition of The Who's "Love, Rain O'er Me" and I was speechless. So much power and emotion. "Barracuda" was a huge hit, and we snuck out to beat the bathroom lines, just as they started to sing "Crazy On You." LOVE that song. I was thrilled when M bought me a Heart tank top that says "Crazy on You" - while they were performing that very song! Wheee!!!

Then, Journey took the stage. They started rocking right away. Then, the new singer came running out. So crazy. The new singer is seriously like the Asian version of Steve Perry. I couldn't believe that voice came from that little guy! Check out the picture of Steve Perry,

and the picture of Arnel.

Similar, no? Especially from a distance. He was wearing tight yellow pants and a black vest, and he was running and jumping all over the stage. He was absolutely incredible. The entire show was SO good.

We saw Journey last year with a temporary singer, and we thought it was a great show. Well, it totally paled in comparison to last night's show! This was definitely a concert that I will remember for years to come!!! It is up there on my list of great shows, for sure!!!!!

Stay tuned for I am going to Opening Day at the Del Mar races - I bought a big hat to wear. How fun! We are going to buy a Vespa today, and in a couple of weeks, I'll have a report on the Wolfmother & Stone Temple Pilots concert. And, eventually I will get my garden pictures and pictures of my anniversary trip to Niagara Falls online! What a great month this is! :)

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