Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Garden update

I am SO behind on my garden updates. These photos were all taken about a month ago. I'll try to fill you in on new developments as I go!

Here we have our leek plant. That bulb in the middle continued to grow until it was probably close to 3 feet tall, and it blossomed into a huge flower. We have since cut the flower off (it made a great kitty fishing pole) and have yet to eat any leek.

Here we have our strawberry plant. Only one berry actually survived. The rest mysteriously disappeared in the night. Now the plant has stopped producing fruit, but is sending out ridiculous numbers of baby shoots. Soon the far half of our garden will be covered with strawberries.

Here is the first bunch of lettuce that survived the snail attack. Doesn't it look pretty?
These little guys are in the higher tier of the garden, and they are all just as big as the individual lettuce plant now. I have no idea how we are going to eat this much salad!!!

The tomato plants are getting massive, and going crazy with tomatoes!
These guys have since turned red and been eaten. No worries though...there are dozens more turning red and being eaten! They are so good...they can actually just be eaten plain. Good stuff!

The jalapenos are right next to the tomatoes. This little guy was really growing great!
Check out that plump, spicy pepper. I later came back to find a gargantuan tomato worm hanging off of it. He had eaten the entire side of two jalapenos. YUCK!!!!

We later found several of his brothers and sisters hanging out on our plants. Troy discovered that they splatter green EVERYWHERE if you throw them at the fence.

The oregano is growing like crazy now. It doesn't get taller...just wider. It's probably twice this in diameter now.

Our edamame is starting to produce pods.

So far they are still not plump enough to harvest, but there are definitely enough there for a good night of Asian food. I can't wait! It shouldn't be long now....

The sweet peas have had a hard life. They look beautiful here, and have produced a handful of pods. They just aren't very hardy, and we have lost most of the plants. Only two of the pods have matured enough to pop the peas out. They were definitely the tastiest peas I have ever eaten though. I ate them raw, straight out of the garden! The rest of the baby pods have made their way into salads.

This house plant was doing really poorly, so we put it outside in the garden. All the green is new growth, and it has totally exploded in the past few days. There is a TON more growth. Hopefully it all turns red like the old leaves!

Troy's little pineapple never did get much bigger, and started turning yellow. We think it was a mini-pineapple. See below for the fun you can have with a little pineapple.

Matt looks quite classy with a pineapple hat.

There's Norm the Gnome back in the shade, looking after the garden. I swear he is alive. Every time I go out to the garden, he is in a new spot!


Julie said...

Good grief, your garden is HUGE! So many awesome looking veggies.

You may or may not know this about tomato worms, but if you find one that has little white pods on its back, leave it there. There's a certain kind of wasp that lays its eggs on tomato worms and the tiny wasps eat the worm from the inside out... then go lay eggs on other worms. :) Just thought you might want to know!

Alanna said...

I didn't know that! I'll have to keep an eye out for those pods. Thanks for the tip!

CB said...

I am jealous of your garden! Great green thumb you got there :)

Alanna said...

I honestly can't take the credit...my roommate is the Hawaiian gardener! :)

noble pig said...

This is so great. I am completely and utterly jealous.