Wednesday, July 7, 2010

2 Months - Doctor Visit

Today Samantha had her 2-month Well Baby visit. She is doing great!

Height: 23" (74th percentile)
Weight: 11lb 9oz (70th percentile)
Head Circumference: 38cm (25th percentile)

She definitely has my little head! And she's pretty tall, too. She is definitely a good eater - she's growing fast!

Sam did pretty well for her vaccinations. She took the oral vaccine really well, and hardly spit out any of it. I guess she likes strawberry flavor. :) The injections were a bit harder on her. The nurse said she was very strong since she kept flexing her muscles when the nurse put the needles in. Must be from all the standing exercises! Sam cried first in pain, and then she switched to an angry cry. It was heartbreaking - I must admit, Mommy cried a little too. :,( But, I nursed her after her shots, and she calmed down quickly. Samantha slept for the first few hours, but after waking up, the pain kicked in. I gave her a dose of Infant Tylenol and nursed her, and now she's trying to relax. The shots were in her thighs, so every time she flexes her legs it hurts her. Poor baby! She's doing pretty well though as long as I can keep her comfortable. I am already dreading the next round of vaccines at 4 months, but I know it's for the best!

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