Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Two Months

Dear Samantha,

Today you are two months old. I can't believe how fast you are growing! This month has been a very busy one for you. You have definitely gotten taller, and your little thighs are getting chunkier. You definitely aren't a rolly polly fat baby, but you sure aren't a skinny baby, either! You are just the perfect size, and you get cuter every day.

In the past couple of weeks you have really started smiling a lot. You aren't just smiling randomly anymore - we are actually getting responsive smiles from you. The other night you smiled and laughed at Daddy for the first time and it was the most amazing, sweet moment for us both. You are especially smiley in the mornings when I get you dressed. We love to look and smile at each other for a long time each morning. You sure make Mommy laugh with your smiles and giggles!

You are getting more and more aware of your surroundings. You are always looking around at things that catch your attention. You love to look at bright lights! There are some paintings that I made of Dexter and Chloe that you just love to look at. The big eyes and the contrast of the black and white fur is very interesting to you. When I put you in the Ergo carrier, you like to stand straight as a board so your head sticks way out the top. You like to look all around and see where we are. The fair was VERY exciting for you!

Your new game is "Stand Up, Sit Down." You like it when we hold you in our laps and you straighten your legs to stand up. You stand up for longer and longer periods of time now. Your legs are getting so strong! Standing up is one of your favorite games to play with Daddy.

The other day you actually rolled over for the first time! The other night you were lying on your tummy and were trying very hard to roll to your back. You needed a little bit of help, so your Pappy put his hand on your foot for you to push off of. Then you rolled all the way onto your back! The next morning while you were at playgroup, you were lying on your back and the next thing I knew, you were on your back - you had quickly rolled over all by yourself! Mommy was SO proud. :)

This month you got to meet another grandparent - your Pappy from Ohio is here visiting. He loves to hold you and play with you! He is already making plans to come out to visit you for your first birthday.

Tomorrow is your 2-month doctor visit. I am excited for them to weigh and measure you so we can see how much you've grown, but I'm also very nervous because you will be getting your first round of vaccinations. I know it's very important for you, and I will feel better having you out and about once you are vaccinated, but I am afraid it will hurt you and you will be very sad. I will be right there to comfort you though. I know you will be a tough girl and will do just fine!

I love you very much, Samantha, and I can't wait to see how much you grow in your 3rd month!


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