Friday, September 24, 2010

VIDEOS: Moving on to bigger and better things.

Since Sam has been doing so well with rice cereal, I decided to let her try a Baby Mum-Mum. They are rice biscuits that are very soft and dissolve almost instantly when Sam puts them in her mouth. She did GREAT - she ate the whole thing in just a few minutes! She was so eager that she bit off a huge chunk right away. I guess we are going to have to keep a really close eye on her with these, since she's biting off more than she can chew (or than can be dissolved instantly!). She loved it though!

And here she is being adorable, drinking water out of a glass. She gets SO excited for it that she tries to grab the glass out of my hand!

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thanya said...

HAHAHA! She's too funny! And she's growing up TOO fast!

Hey Sam - you left a little somethin' somethin' there on yer cheeks there girl. I think it might be a mum-mum! :)