Saturday, December 4, 2010

Giving up on cloth?

Lately I have been so tempted to quit cloth diapering. Not because it's too much laundry or because they are too stinky or messy. Honestly, the number one reason is because they are so dang big. Half of Sam's outfits don't fit or they look ridiculous because of all that bulk. And it looks so uncomfortable for her sometimes!

We used disposables while we were on vacation (and we already use them overnight), and it was SO easy. And all her clothes fit so well. With Amazon Mom I've been able to buy disposables for much cheaper than I had imagined I could. And the laundry detergent for the cloth dipes is so expensive.

I'm just so tempted to make the switch to disposables permanently!


Steeler_Chic said...

I use regular Tide for my cloth diapers!! We have been cd'g for around 4 months now and haven't had any issues. I just do an extra rinse at the end =) My mom and sister always say they don't like her fluffy bum, but I think it's cute and we are saving a ton of money =)

mrsdanigirl8 said...

I use EF Kirkland brand detergent and a little oxy clean on my CDs and am doing laundry every three days so I really don't see a difference in washing the diapers vs. washing our normal clothes.

We do a hot wash and two cold rinses and for the most part line dry unless the weather isn't cooperating (haha... like there's ever really a time it isn't cooperating!).

I love my babies and their cloth bums but haven't really had to dress my girl up yet. But if it is an extra stressor than do what is best for YOUR family :) No judgment from others on your decisions.

thanya said...

Whatever is easier for you, Momma! I always wanted to try cloth diapers from day 1, but disposables were SO convenient, i never gave cloth diapers a try. Sure, I'm not saving the Earth with the amount of diapers Madi goes through, but then again, (in my opinion, sorry don't hate me!) you're not really saving the Earth by using all that water and energy doing laundry for the cloth diapers too. But seriously, whatever is easier for you, and whatever Sam is comfortable in, go for it!

Steeler_Chic said...

What did you decide?

Alanna said...

I'm doing both. Cloth at home, disposables when we are out and overnight. I'll have to blog about it soon!

Steeler_Chic said...

That's what I do too!! It doesn't have to be all or nothing =)