Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Help a Newbie Prepare for BlogHer '11! #blogher11

I first heard about BlogHer two years ago, when I was blogging and tweeting under a secret alias. (Still secret, just in case I ever decide to go back to it. ;)) I got all caught up in the BlogHer frenzy, and couldn't wait for the next one so I could join in the fun of Sparklecorn and Cheeseburgher while hanging out with all my blogger BFFs. Well, when BlogHer '10 rolled around, I was so busy with my newborn daughter that the whole thing slipped by under my radar, pretty much completely unnoticed.

Fast forward to BlogHer '11. It's pretty much in my backyard, folks. BlogHer '11 is in here in beautiful San Diego. I knew it was going to be here months ago, but I really just pushed it to the backburner, assuming I wouldn't be able to afford it. Then, just the other day, I talked to Mike about it and he said YES! this is definitely something I should attend. Not only will it be extremely helpful to me in my job as a Virtual Media Assistant, it will be great for personal networking for my job with Plum District. Not to mention help for my own personal blog, the great Vanilla Bean!

I'm sure that some of you are thinking "What? BlogHer? What are you talking about?" I thought the same thing 2 years ago. Let me clue you in to the awesomeness. First of all, BlogHer is a network for bloggers - specifically women bloggers. It's full of wonderful resources for bloggers. The BlogHer conference is 3 days of workshops, networking and having fun with other bloggers. I can hardly wait to discover what else it is all about!

I've already put together my list of sessions that I'd like to attend and I've confirmed my spot on the guest list for a few parties. Beyond that, I'm kind of at a loss for what to plan on! Since I'm such a latecomer to this game, I feel like I'm a little too late to get in on anything special. So I'd like to ask BlogHer veterans what I should expect! Do I need to book my schedule with back-to-back special events, like some other girls are doing? Or should I just stick with my 3 sessions a day and few events at night and just go with the flow the rest of the time? What goes on on Thursday? Will I miss out if I don't show up till Friday? I hear there is an Expo. What exactly is it? When should I go? Is sooner better than later? And will I be so busy that I won't have a chance to leave the Convention Center?

I would love to hear your BlogHer experiences and read any advice that you might have for a newbie!


This Confetti Life said...

Don't worry--show up, go with the flow, plan to have lots of fun. See you there!

Ginger said...

It's my first time, but I think there's SO much going on that you'll never be at a loss for something to do. The official parties are open to all attendees and are supposed to be a ton of fun, and there are bound to be people always milling about to catch up with. I say show up, go with the flow and do whatever sounds fun at the time :-)