Saturday, February 13, 2010

27 Weeks: A Picture Post

The third trimester - we've officially made it!!! We are now at 27 weeks of pregnancy. Just 10 more weeks til this little girl is considered full term. Pretty crazy!

Things are still moving along quite well. Baby is very active. She has her more mellow days and her wiggle worm days. She usually seems to be awake in the early mornings, and then again after lunch, around 3-4 PM, and then from dinner time to bedtime. Some days though it feels like she just doesn't stop moving! It usually just feels like she's moving around, but other times she is definitely kicking or punching at my belly. Sometimes she kicks so hard it makes me jump! It always makes me laugh to see my belly pop on it's own. So far it seems that every time I lift my shirt to see my bare belly move, she stops moving. I can see her pretty well through my shirt though. So much fun! Mike's been able to feel her more often now as well.

The little bean is now about 2 pounds and 14.5" long. It's now time for her to slowly start rotating to the head down position. She still has plenty of time to get there, but eventually I will be feeling more pressure on my cervix once she settles in. Her lungs are well-developed now, and if she were to be born now, she would have an excellent chance at survival (with intensive care). I'd like to keep her an inside baby a bit longer though! Her brain tissue is continuing to to develop, and her brain is very active now.

27 Weeks

As for me, I'm feeling great! The third trimester is the time for fatigue and nausea to kick in again, but so far I'm not feeling any effects. One thing to look forward to may be leg cramping and increased back aches. I am starting to feel an increased need to pee, but so far it's nowhere near as frequent as I was afraid it would be. At most I'm running to the restroom every hour or so, which I can totally live with. If we get closer to 10 minute intervals though, I might start getting annoyed! Breast tenderness may return soon as the milk factory kicks into gear. For now though, I'm feeling great and very happy. And big! Several strangers have commented on my pregnancy now, so I know I'm definitely obviously pregnant. I feel like I grow every week - a shirt that fit last week is now too short!
My tattoo is about twice as long now as it used to be!

I'm still not seeing the linea negra, which is good. I thought maybe I saw a hint of it the other day, but I think it may have just been a vein. No stretch marks to speak of! My belly button is still in innie, but it is continuing to get wider and shallower.

And now for the nursery! I promised you progress pics, so here you go! :)
The base coat of pale yellow.

Taping off the walls to paint the darker yellow stripes.

A hint at the crib bedding I am sewing.

The crib we are planning to buy.

Our Craigslist bargain glider. MIL got the stains out, but Mike is very unhappy with the shape now - we think that the slipcovers shrunk in the laundry when they were washed. Hopefully it can be dressed up a bit with blankets and pillows.

The dresser we found for $20 at a garage sale, now repainted.

Drawer knobs and pulls I found on Etsy to complete the dresser.

I'm hoping that we'll be able to finish painting this weekend so we can start bringing furniture inside. I think it's going to look awesome, and I can hardly wait! :)


Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

It looks so pretty girl! I love it! Can't wait to see it in real life

Anonymous said...

Nursery is looking great! Can't wait to see the finished product. And you've done so well finding great deals - bravo!

CB said...

I'm loving the nursery theme so far. Can't wait to see the "after" picture. PS- Nice belly you got going on :)

Alanna said...

Thanks! I'm so glad we are past the painting part now, and I can start the "fun" parts! :)

steeler_chic said...

Where did you order your fabric from?

Alanna said...

I got it from a couple of different places:

They also have it in smaller quantities on eBay.

steeler_chic said...

Thank you!! I'm looking for some pretty fabric for my little girl's nursery :)

Alanna said...

Have fun! There is so much cute stuff out there. :)