Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm An Udder Cover Mama

I was very fortunate to receive a coupon code for a free nursing cover from Udder Covers - all I had to pay for was the shipping! I was still pregnant at the time and didn't really know whether I'd use the cover or not, but it seemed like a good deal so I went for it. Now that I've been nursing for several months (almost 4 already, can you believe it??!) I have found that this cover is SO incredibly useful. I actually ended up buying a second one and it has really come in handy to have two of them.

Udder Covers are great and very dependable. They are very simple but SO very helpful. It will cover you where you need it and yet still allow you to have eye contact with your baby - all while wearing something chic and stylish. I chose the black and white "Porter" pattern since it matches all of my diaper bag accessories. I keep it in the diaper bag at all times so I always have a cover when I need to nurse in public! My second cover is the blue and white "Jones" pattern. I keep this one at home for times when we have company, or if I misplace the other one. (Or if Sam projectile vomits while I'm nursing her under the cover and I have to mop up with it - yikes!) When I'm home I'm usually pretty comfortable just nursing coverless, but occasionally, depending on the company, I want to have a cover for home use.

I'm actually really amazed at how comfortable I am with nursing in public. The first few weeks were difficult because I was still wrestling with the Boppy or My Brest Friend pillows, but once we got the hang of it, nursing in public was no big deal. I really think that having the Udder Cover really helped a lot in getting me comfortable so early on. The first time I used it Sam tried to wiggle her way out of the top of it, but she got used to it quickly and we've been using it ever since! I get lots of compliments on the pattern I have as well. One great thing about Udder Covers is that not all of their prints are too flowery, since not all mamas are into the uber-girly designs. (But they have those as well for the girlie-girls!)

Some highlights of the Udder Covers are:

A rigid neckline that gives you direct eye contact with baby.
All fabrics are made of 100% breathable cotton.
Stainless steel d-rings allow fully adjustable neckline.
Machine washable.

These covers allow mothers everywhere to breastfeed their babies in comfort, style and confidence… anytime - anyplace! I would highly recommend Udder Covers to any breastfeeding mama. Check them out at They also sell breastfeeding pads and bracelets. Their gift sets would be an awesome gift for a mama-to-be!


Alejandra Perez said...

What do you have strapped around your waist? The udder cover?

Alanna said...

No, that is the waistband of the Ergo baby carrier!