Friday, August 6, 2010

Three Months

Dear Samantha,

I can't believe you are 3 months old already! Three months is the age we were told you would stop being such a newborn, and would start becoming more aware of the world around you. I think you are WAY ahead of things as far as that is concerned! Three months is also the age we decided we would start letting you be your own person a bit more, and not quite so attached at the hip to Mommy. So far, you have taken most of your naps in Mommy's arms, and you go to bed with Mommy and Daddy whenever we go. Now it's time to start working on putting you to bed in your own crib or bassinet. So far this has been very hard on Mommy! It's going to take some time to get you used to not being held, but Mommy is right there with you to reassure you that you are still safe and taken care of, even though you aren't being held. You have already taken several naps on your own, and you are doing great. Soon you will be going to bed on your own so that Mommy and Daddy can have some grown up time. It's a little sad to see that our tiny baby isn't so tiny anymore, but it's also exciting that our little girl is growing so much!

This has been such an exciting month for us. Between your 10th and 11th week, you started laughing. A lot. Little things will excite you, and you smile really big and start laughing. Mommy and Daddy stop whatever they are doing to keep you laughing! It just melts our hearts to hear your sweet little laugh. So far older adults and other babies seem to crack you up a LOT.

You just adore your Mommy. When I hold you, you love to just look at me and smile and laugh like there is nothing more important in the world. Of course, Mommy just loves this. There is nothing sweeter than gazing into your eyes as we smile at each other. Hopefully you will always love your Mommy this much!!! You are having more and more fun with Daddy now, too. He makes you smile and laugh when he sings and makes faces for you, and he is still trying to help you find your thumb.

You absolutely LOVE getting changed. It is the funniest thing. Every morning when we change you out of your jammies and into your day clothes, you smile and laugh like it is the greatest thing in the world. And it's not just a little morning sunshine - you like to be changed any time of day! Diaper changes are cool, but you just go crazy for having your outfits changed. I wonder if this means you are going to be a fan of playing dress-up, and if you'll be one of those little girls that likes to put on multiple outfits every day? Oh, I can already see how much fun you'll be. :)

This month your Grammy and Grampy from Ohio came to visit you. You absolutely adore your Grammy! She was able to soothe you from crying, and you just loved spending time together. Grampy was cracking you up by doing raspberries for you. It's going to be lots of fun to go visit them in December!

Just yesterday you discovered your mouth and tongue, and you love to play with them. You make kissing faces all the time, and silly sucking noises with your mouth. It's great that you've found something to play with that is so easily accessible to you! :)

We are pretty much certain now that you have Daddy's eyes, ears, and hair (you definitely have his hairline, and while your hair has gotten a bit lighter, it shows no signs of turning blonde). You have Mommy's nose, mouth, cheeks, long fingers and toes, and head shape. We can't wait to see if we are right. One things for sure - you are CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!

We are pretty certain that you are the most adorable and intelligent baby in the world. We love you SO very much, and can hardly wait to see how much you change and grow in the next month!

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Carrie said...

LOVE the smiles on the changing table :). That's Avery's smiliest time too.