Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Baby Diner

Now that Sam is eating solid foods, I am already seeing how difficult feedings will be in the future. She is SO grabby! She has already ruined my laptop keyboard by grabbing my cereal bowl and spilling milk onto the keys. Not cool! When I feed her baby food in her high chair she is always reaching out and grabbing for the dishes. I'm already missing hot meals as it is, so I can just imagine how it will be once she's grabbing for food and I have to stop her through the entire meal. Thankfully I have found a product that will help save our plates and dishes (and the floor!) from grabby baby hands. And hopefully allow us to eat a hot meal, for a change.

The Baby Diner attaches to any smooth table top or structure and allows a parent to secure any smooth bottom sided dish to prevent your baby from accidentally knocking or throwing it on the floor. This product is very simple and easy, and it really works! I even tried it with one of Sammy's little Baby Cubes and it stayed on. I also tried it with one of our Corelle bowls. This product is going to be so useful once Sam starts eating out of larger dishes. I highly recommend it!

Baby Diner was created by a couple of parents who were tired of dealing with spilled dishes. Their solution became so popular that they decided to start their own company and share their invention with other parents. The Baby Diner secures all kinds of dishware, and since the Diner never touches food, there is no clean-up and no mess. It is very easy to put together - simple, but genius! The Baby Diner is safe for your baby - no BPA's, no lead, and no phthalate.

Would you like to try a Baby Diner for yourself? Check out their website at They are currently offering a "50% off Baby Diner" promotion for a limited time. It only lasts through October 15, so go get one now!

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thanya said...

i might have to invest in one now haha! Madi already is a violent hitter/grabber. i can imagine how that's gonna affect meal time when it comes down to it hahaha