Thursday, October 28, 2010

First Cold

Sorry for my lack of posts lately! Samantha has been experiencing her first cold, and it's a doozy. Mike and I have had it too, and it's hanging on for well over a week. :( Poor baby girl! She's a trooper though, and seems to be handling it better than Mike and I are. Hm, maybe we should try some of that breast milk - it seems to be the magic cure!

Anyway, Sam will be 6 months old in just over a week (already!!), and I will post more updates then!

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Carrie said...

6 months already!? That's nuts!!
I'm feeling the pain w/ the first cold. I first had a sore throat/cough, I got better for 2 days and now have a sinus infection. Jason has my cough and Avery has been amazing fending it far. Wish us luck.