Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Girl's Night In

So, tonight Mike went out with a friend to go see a rock concert for his favorite band, Clutch. I decided to take advantage of my night home alone. I'm sitting here in my red velour sweatsuit with a bottle of wine. I knew for a fact I was making Caprese salad, so I decided to cook some sort of Italian chicken to go along with it. I totally just made it up as I went along. Here is a summary of my evening in the kitchen.

I sliced up a tomato, layered it with fresh mozzarella and basil, and drenched it in balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Then I sprinkled it all with salt and pepper and let it marinate while I cooked the chicken.

I wasn't sure what to do...I cut all the fat off, as always, and kind of poked around at it.

I decided to stuff it with Parmesan and pepperoni.

Then I cooked it with olive oil and salt & pepper in a skillet.

While it cooked, I cracked open a bottle of wine. :)

Voila! I served the chicken with the Caprese and a slice of bread. Yum!!!

The chicken was good...but the Parmesan and pepperoni was a bit stronger than I would have liked. Still, it'll be good leftovers for tomorrow. :) And the Caprese is always delicious!!! I ordered this every day when I was in Italy. :)

While eating, I watched the first episode of "Lost." It gets such rave reviews, I figured I'd give it a try. Not the best thing to watch right before Mike and I both take separate flights, but it looks to be an awesome show. I was going to watch the whole DVD, but I think Mike will like it, so I'm going to save it to watch with him.

So, here I am...sharing my meal with you! :)


Kat Graz said...

I LOVE Caprese Salads!! I'm impressed by how much you did when home alone. I usually have a liquid diet when D goes out! I should learn from you!

BBKiddo said...

That looks way awesome!
and I'm so excited that you will soon be LOST obssessed like me!

Alanna said...

Yeah...I don't usually do THAT much, Kat, but I had the food that needed to be cooked, so I went for it. I definitely had my liquid dessert though. I almost finished off that bottle....

Yay for Lost! I really like it so far. :)

Andrea said...

I LOVE Caprese salad! It is really one of my favorite things. Great meal!