Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I've been a bad blogger.

I have been cooking...I've even taken some prep pics...but then I get so hungry that I totally forget to post pics of the finished product. And really, who wants to see a gooey picture of raw meat and then not see how good it actually turned out? So yeah...I've been a bad girl. Shame on me.

Let's see...I made some Onion Soup and Kat's Fast Fancy Chicken. The soup was a new one....it was really good, but it sure did a number on the gasworks in our house. I will NOT be making that again!

On Sunday, I made a big St. Paddy's meal and had a bunch of friends over. I made The Noble Pig's recipe for corned beef. OMG it was so good! It did not last long at all. I also boiled potatoes and steamed carrots and cabbage. I seriously had enough potatoes to feed an army. Oops!

Since I had a plethora of potatoes, I ran to the store to get meat and a green vegetable. I found boneless pork ribs and asparagus both on sale. Awesome. So, I decided to marinate my ribs (the pork ribs, that is) in applesauce, brown sugar, thyme, and salt & pepper. Then the man grilled them for me. Boy, did he do a great job! I ended up mashing the boiled potatoes. It sure was tasty...so tasty that, you got it, I didn't get a picture.

Sorry for being a slacker....I'll try to make it up to you!


noble pig said...

Yeah, I'm so glad you made it. Wasn't it such a great flavor with the whiskey and apple cider vinegar. So much better that a boiled piece of meat!

Eat some more but don't forget to photograph!

Alanna said...

NOBLE - Seriously...everyone was RAVING over it! It did not last long! Awesome recipe...I'm definitely making this one again!