Friday, October 23, 2009

Feeling like barf.

Okay, so I'm not actually barfing, but I sure feel like I could. This week has been rough! I had the flu (or something like it) on Friday and Saturday, and I've been trying to get over it all week. The headaches have been plaguing me, and now the morning sickness is back. I thought I was in the clear at this point! My boobs aren't quite as sore as they have been, but otherwise, all my original symptoms are back - nausea, exhaustion, shortness of breath, headaches, and constipation. I'm trying to look on the bright side and remind myself that the fact that I am having all these symptoms means that baby is thriving and doing well. But I sure can't wait until baby and my system can get along a little better!

We decided to go ahead and do the prenatal screening tests - just the blood tests and the nuchal translucency ultrasound. I'm not really too concerned about Down's Syndrome, but I suppose it would be nice to ease my mind about an extra concern. I'm really just very excited to have another ultrasound! It is scheduled for November 3rd, when baby will be 12 1/2 weeks. I can't wait to see how much he or she has grown! My next regular appointment is this coming Wednesday.

I still don't feel like my belly is showing much from the side, but when I look down, I can really see a bit of a bump. Mike can really notice a difference as well. No one else would ever guess I'm pregnant, but the changes are definitely there now!


On another note, we did get the house! We did our final walk through yesterday, and everything looks great. Unfortunately, our moving schedule has gotten screwed up. We had been planning to move over this weekend, since we are supposed to be out of our rental house on Sunday.

Well, our lender is a major slacker, so all our escrow documents were not ready for us to sign yesterday! Even if we were able to sign them today, the transfer of ownership would not be processed until Monday. So now we are out of a house for a couple days! We are hoping our landlord will be nice and give us two extra days. If not, we'll be living out of a truck until we get keys to the new house!

This weekend will still be a weekend of packing, and the moving itself will probably take place on Tuesday.

Talk about major stress on top of being pregnant!

It's all for a good reason though, so I'm trying to stay positive!

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