Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another garden update!

As you can see, we have some additions to our garden! First of all, let's welcome Norm the Gnome! He is here to look after the garden, chase away the snails, and so on. :) (And say hi to Chloe up there on the left...she thinks it's her job to sporadically run through the plants. Ack!) Those tomato plants are getting freaking HUGE! And the cilantro is like a tree. Troy also planted a leek (from the grocery store!) which is getting nice and big. We now have gourds growing in the little pots. The soybeans are finally making progress again, which is a good thing. I am looking forward to that edamame!

Here you can see we only have one lonely lettuce plant. The snails ate that stuff up! What? So, we planted a whole new batch (on the other side of the cilantro monster) and it's doing great!

Check out my little tomatoes. :) This guy is about ping pong ball size.
and some spry young new 'maters.

My jalapenos were going slow for a while there...2 peppers for about a month, but all of a sudden, we have 9! and more on the way!!!

We ended up having to add a new tier to our garden, because T kept bringing home new plants! We now have several types of basil, sage, parsley, and dill, along with these sweet peas. T pulled some of these sprouts out of our salad sprouts and planted them. They went wild! He built this fence for them out of bamboo plucked off our beach. Doesn't it look nice?

See how cute the tiny little tendrils are, just starting to grab onto their frame? Aw, I love them! Too bad I'm not a big pea fan. :P

And, our cute little pineapple. :) (I don't like them either...but it's fun to watch them grow!)

Stay tuned for more! I have a feeling there will be some harvesting going on soon! (By the way...the radishes are about done...the boys have been picking those every day...they are almost gone already! And I dont' even eat them!)


Anonymous said...

This is adorable! I wish I had the patience for a garden, I just don't. I seriously kill everything I plant. But I am jealous of all of your goodies!

Alanna said...

I'll be sure to keep you updated so that you can live vicariously through me!