Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Girls' Brunch

Okay. Let me preface this by apologizing for being SOOOO bad about blogging. It's amazing how actually working at your job keeps you from doing personal stuff on the internet. Serio. But, finally I have some free time...the hubs is playing Wii, so I have some time to kill online. w00t!

So, let's backtrack WAY back when to the day I had a girl's brunch. The hubs and the roommate were both on a mancation in Hawaii (yes, a MANCATION in HAWAII - without me!!!), so I decided to have some fun of my own. I decided to invite every cool chick I knew to come over and eat food at my house.

I started raiding blogs everywhere for delish breakfast recipes. I made SO much good stuff. Really. Naturally, I made cupcakes. First up, as you see in the top left corner, I made Mimosa cupcakes - the recipe can be found on the Cupcake Project. These were a big hit! I also made Ricotta Babycakes, and used a whole strawberry instead of mixed berries. I got this recipe from Baking Bites. SO good. As you can see, I had several toppings....for pancakes, of course!
And, what's a brunch without some sort of eggy-potatoey casserole? I made this awesome Brown Egg Frittatta from Bean's Bistro (although I didn't use brown eggs - gasp!). But, LOTS of compliments on this one!

And of course, gotta have coffee! (Though I must say...the mimosas seemed to be the much more popular option!)

Altogether, brunch was a blast! I had friends stay until 5 pm. I don't know why us girls don't do this more often!


Stef said...

Glad you enjoyed the mimosa cupcakes! Btw - I love your mugs.

Alanna said...

Aw, thanks! I love them too. :) I got so many requests for your Mimosa Cupcake recipe! Your blog is becoming famous among my circle of baking friends. :)