Thursday, March 5, 2009

Valentine Orchid

Sorry this is has really been INSANE lately!!! But more about that later!

My mystery orchid bloomed - just in time for Valentine's Day! So very exciting. As much as I hate purple, I really love this little orchid, just because I brought it back from nothing - and to have so many blooms so quickly just tickles me pink. Or purple, in this case! Sadly, it wilted just as the second bloom began to open. The second one is now fully open, so I still have one bloom, and two more large buds on that stem, as well as a new bud forming on the second branch.

My super large white orchid blossom finally faded away, after months of shining brightly. I was sad to see it go, but at the same time, two more branches started to grow before I could even get to trimming them down! So, I now have three more buds starting to grow on that one! It also has a new leaf that finally seems to be making some progress.

My very first orchid is growing like a weed these days. Along with these root growths you can see, there is now another one that is growing VERY fast, and a new leaf that is also growing at an accelerated pace. I am hoping that a spike will start soon!

My little paph (the green lady slipper to be) is starting to grow a new leaf as well, and I am eagerly awaiting a spike on that one! It's flower season!!!


zebe912 said...

You hate purple!? Bummer, I may have to disown you now. :-( I haven't gotten my orchids to bloom in years. I just don't have the right light for it and now that I only have two left, it doesn't seem worth the energy to keep the heat & humidity stuff going in my little greenhouse. I do miss successful orchids though. It's always such a fun & pretty surprise waiting to see what they will do.

Alanna said...

Aw, let's just say that purple isn't a color that makes me happy. :) Hate is too harsh a word!

My orchids LOVE my bathroom - we have a skylight, so there is constant diffuse lighting, and the humidity from the shower helps. It's in the center of the house, so I don't get drafts in there. I hope that I can maintain similar conditions once we move!

I love that something new is always growing with them. You never know what will be next! :)

Julie said...

Beautiful! I like the pinkish purplish mystery orchid. :) Nice to see you updating again!

Sarah said...

I love Orchids! I am in the same boat with you on the color purple, but this flower looks beautiful!