Sunday, March 22, 2009

Meet the 'chids!

Today I would like to take some time to introduce you to my family of orchids. Yesterday, my little family grew from five 'chids to eight!!! I couldn't resist - I went to purchase a simple plastic pot to repot my little lady slipper, and what do you know, there was an orchid promotion at the store! These guys were only $6 a piece...I couldn't say no! I was afraid Mike might be mad at me, but he likes them too, so we are in the clear. (whew!)

I decided to give them all names to help clarify which is which, and since I don't know their actual full scientific names (they are all just hybrids anyway).

Meet the new 'chids on the block:

The twins, Phalaenopsis Castor & Pollux:
(This plant has two spikes coming from one crown!)

Phalaenopsis Boo'ya Moon:

Phalaenopsis Piebald Pete:

Paphiopedilum Maudiae:
(This one actually has a real name! I've seen it called "The Queen" but I like to call mine the Green Lady)
I have not had this one bloom yet, but this is what it is supposed to look like, hopefully this year!

This is what it looks like now - it has started losing some leaves on the original fan, and there is new leaf growth on the new fan.

It's also starting to grow a new root!!! You can just barely see it in the center of the photo:

Phalaenopsis Mysterioso:
Remember this rescue that Mike saved from certain death in the garbage? How sad and barren it was?

Look at it now!!!! It has three blooms (there was a 4th, but it only lasted a few days) and another bud in the works!

Phalaenopsis SloMo Survivor:
This one was also a rescue. It is growing very slowly, but little by little, things are happening.
Here it is shortly after I first got it, when it just started growing it's first new leaf:

And with a new leaf growing:

That leaf is now full grown, and there is another one about halfway grown. I am still waiting for some new roots or some other sign of progress, but for now, I am just happy it is so strong and healthy and continuing to produce leaves!

Phalaenopsis Henry:
Here is my big daddy of Phals! Remember how beautiful it was in all it's glory -

Almost immediately after the last bloom dropped, new branches started, and new buds started growing! Take a look at him now -

These babies are growing FAST! It caught up to mysterioso really fast, and now it's a race to see who's bud blooms first! He is also growing a new root - FINALLY!!!! :)

And finally....
Phalaenopsis Von Primus - my first orchid.
Remember how pretty it was?

It has been slow going...I trimmed the spike on it after it's blooms dropped, and it feels like forever ago. It hasn't been quite a year though, so hopefully a spike will start one of these days soon! It is growing new roots and leaves like crazy, so I'm very positive about it!!!

So much fun with my flower family! I look forward to seeing them every day and finding what new things they have decided to grow!


zebe912 said...

Orchid sales are of the devil, I swear. It is near impossible to walk away without buying at least one. Mine haven't bloomed in years. Michigan just doesn't like orchids and I can't put the money into the setup I need for them to really do well again. I just keep hoping for a miracle instead. I think I'm down to only two now.

Parker said...

They are beautiful.

Sarah said...

LOVE the flowers! They are beautifuL!

Julie said...

Oh my gosh, BEAUTIFUL!
I wish we had somewhere that we could grow orchids like that. I still like the mysterious purple. :)

Loving Orchids said...

you definitely know how to take care of those phals. The blooms are so beautiful. For more tips, you may want to check my site: