Saturday, May 1, 2010

38 Weeks

Today I am 38 weeks pregnant, and it is the first day of May. MAY. My baby is going to be born THIS MONTH! As ready as I am, it's still hard to believe that my due date is only two weeks away. These past two weeks have already flown by!

Interesting tidbit: Tuesday is the most popular day for babies to be born. I was actually born on a Tuesday! Could this mean Baby will arrive on the 4th, 11th, 18th, or 25th? Saturdays are the least common days for births, so there is less chance that she will actually arrive on her due date.
Not much is new with Baby this week. She's probably reached her birth weight, and her lungs, brain, and immune system are continuing to develop, and will continue to do so after birth. She's probably about as long as a leek now, give or take a few inches. We are still guessing that she's going to be longer! Her little fists have a nice, firm grasp now, and soon she'll be grabbing onto our fingers!
I'm still doing about the same. The Braxton Hicks contractions and abdominal cramps have been increasing over the past few days, but so far I haven't had any painful or real contractions. I'm trying to walk more now to encourage her to keep moving down. She's already very low and is down in my pelvis, so we're really just waiting for her to decide to make her exit at this point! I'm still getting LOTS of electric tingles down there as she settles in more and more. I occasionally feel some kicks in the ribs, but for the most part her extremities are in my sides at about belly button height. I'm having a harder and harder time sleeping at night, but naps come very easily, so I'm taking advantage of being able to catch up on my sleep during the day!
38 Weeks

The nesting is coming along very well, although I feel like my To Do list just isn't getting any shorter! We have the glider and ottoman in place now, and I sewed a car seat cover. We put together the stroller, but we still need to install the car seat base. Hopefully I can convince Mike to help me with that this weekend, or I'll be doing it myself soon! The first priority on my list this week is sewing the curtain panels and then hanging them along with the decorative valance. I have a few other fun sewing projects, but those can come later, if necessary. It's been so much fun getting the nursery in order!

The car seat cover I sewed. I love that it matches the seat and stroller so perfectly! :)

My next doctor appointment is on Monday. I still don't want to be checked for dilation, since it really serves no purpose and could introduce infection or strip my membranes. Mike is really anxious to know though, so I'll discuss it with my doctor. I'd rather just let things happen naturally though! I am also going to discuss with him our preferred timing for leaving for the hospital. We want to stay home as long as possible, and since I'm GBS-negative, there's no reason for us to get there any earlier. Right now the plan is to leave home when the contractions are 2-3 minutes apart.

We are definitely getting excited for things to start happening!


Sarah said...

You are so close! Maybe your little girl will be born on Mother's Day and can share a bday with Landon and Jalen. :-)

Alanna said...

I'll tell her to work towards that date, Sarah! ;)

zebe912 said...

Do you think you'll do a birth story after your babymoon? I would love to hear how your birth goes. I hope you are able to fill all of your natural birthing desires. I think it is so great that you're attempting to trust your body and let it do what it was designed to do. Please know that I'm sending you the best of wishes and easy labor vibes for whenever your little one decides it is time to come!

Alanna said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Dawn! I will definitely share my birth story once I get some time after her arrival!