Thursday, April 29, 2010

37 Week Doctor Appointment

Just a quick update from my doctor appointment this morning!

My doctor was out on Monday, so they rescheduled me today, and I met with the new Physician's Assistant, Kathy. She was really nice, and I liked that she updated me on everything. It was a little more formal than my usual visits with my doc, but it was nice to hear all the actual measurements of everything.

I was surprised to find that I've gained 2 more pounds since my last visit a week and a half ago, bringing me up to 32 pounds. I thought I was supposed to stop gaining around this time! :P We'll just say that Baby had another growth spurt. ;) My blood pressure was 116/60, which is good, I guess, and my belly measured right on at 37 weeks. Little Bean's heartbeat was at 147. Kathy said it feels like Baby is still head down, and according to my records, she has been for quite some time. No surprise to me, because I sure feel her head butting me all the time!

Nothing new to report at this time. I go back again on Monday for my next checkup! They didn't offer to check me today, but I'm going to turn them down every time unless my doctor actually tells me they NEED to check me. I don't think there's any reason for it right now! I've been having some mild cramping in my lower abdomen, but for now it doesn't sound like it's anything to get excited about. They told me to let them know if it gets more intense or painful. So for now, I'm just resting, and walking, and moving around to try to get this little girl moving on out!

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