Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another Cloth Diaper Update

First of all, my apologies for my lack of posts lately. Typing one-handed is so painfully slow, I've been avoiding typing any more than one or two lines at a time! Once Sam can hold up her own head, hopefully I'll be able to type with that other hand again. :)

Cloth diapering has been going well so far so I thought I'd update and share my likes and dislikes with what we've been using.

These work well for me, but I don't like to use them in the middle of the night when the light is dim. Mike hasn't wanted to attempt using them at all. The snappi is really easy to use - much better than diaper pins! I keep a few prefolds, a cover, and a snappi in the diaper bags since they are thin and easy to pack.

I LOVE my Thirsties Fab Fitteds. They are shaped just like a disposable, but are soft and fluffy and look super comfortable. I use these in the middle of the night since they are so easy. I also keep one of these in the diaper bag for inconvenient diaper changing locations. I use a Thirsties cover with these. These are easy enough for Mike to use, though they do require two separate pieces (diaper and cover). I want to buy more of these and try some other brands of fitteds as well.

I don't love my Thirsties All In One diapers. I just can't get them to stop leaking around the legs. Some people love them, but they just don't work for me. It's a pity because they are SUPER easy, and Mike liked them too. I've decided to sell my X-Small AIOs for $10 each. They are hardly used, so it's a great deal. I'm hoping that someone who likes them will be able to use them! I have them for sale on Craigslist, (click for link) if you or anyone you know would like them.

We have now been using a lot of pocket diapers. I have a lot of One-Size pocket diapers. Right now they are kind of huge on Sam, since they are all folded up into the newborn size, but I really love how easy they are. I also love that I'll be able to continue using the same diapers on her for a long time!

GroBaby: I really like the GroBaby diapers. They have snap-in inserts, as well as a booster liner. I haven't needed to use a booster yet. The GroBabys come in super cute patterns, which I love. The velcro is nice and wide and soft and looks comfortable. The inserts snap out and can be replaced with clean inserts, as long as the outer shell is still clean. We have had a few leaking episodes with these, so we have to really pay attention when we put them on to make sure that there are no gaps around the legs or waist. I really like that even when folded into the newborn size, these diapers aren't too bulky. So far I am really liking these.

FuzziBuns: I just purchased a few of the Fuzzi Buns One Size diapers. Generally they seem great, and I love how adjustable they are. However, I'm having a hard time fitting them to Sam correctly. I set the leg elastic on 6, and they were way too tight around her thighs. Then I set them to 5, and they were too loose! (Also, I'm confused...the recommended settings for a newborn are 4 in the waist and 6 in the legs. But there are two settings for the legs - top and bottom. Should they both be on 6? Or each set on 3 to total 6?) Then, I thought I had it right, but when I snapped the diaper on tight, some of the inner fleece showed around the legs, and we got major leakage. I know you kind of have to see them on Sam in person to help me get a perfect fit, but any advice would be appreciated!

BumGenius: So far these are my favorites. My only complaint is that when they are folded up into the newborn size, they are huge and give Sam a huge bum. Otherwise, they are super absorbent, very easy to put on, and we haven't had one single leak. These are going to be awesome once she gets a little bigger and we can unfold them into a slightly larger size. I would love to buy more of these!

I really want to try the Apple Cheeks diapers. I'm also interested in Happy Heinys and Kissaluvs. Does anyone have any other recommendations for me? What diapers do you like/dislike?


mrsdanigirl8 said...

For the newborn stage I LOVED the KL0's. These were what I used at night with the fab fitteds and it was the best combo I could think of.

Sadly I sold all of the used KL0s that I purchased for Ethan so I'll have to buy more for #2.

Kristin said...

Someone bought me Gdiapers... I wonder how they will work out... I really wanted bumgeinus because I heard such great things about them.

Amber said...

Kissaluvs are supposed to be "the thing" for newborns, I would think they are definitely worth trying. GroBabys, gDiapers, and BabyGenius were all too bulky for my babe's little butt and average thighs (especially when she started walking).
Velcro becomes a huge PITA, and I weeded out all diapers with applix (velcro) a long time ago. Velcro does not last wash after wash. It gets ugly and doesn't stay on the washer tabs, getting stuck on other diapers and ruining them. That has been my experience anyway :)
FuzzyBuns were/are my favorite and have worked for every stage we've used them so far. I don't think I have ever seen FBs with two rows of leg snaps... so, I'm not sure how to help you there. Have you checked out It is an awesome forum for everything diapers. You could find some answers there regarding the FBs and be able to buy/sell. It gets so addicting!
You know, now that I'm thinking about it, my ABSOLUTE favorite diaper I have is a Cuddly Bums OS Pocket. I only have one and it is always the first I put on Echo right out of the wash.
Here is the link to that one -

Oh, and let me just say that all of the diapers that say 10-35lbs are not always going to fit an older child. Echo is just over 22.5lbs and many of the diapers we have don't fit her right anymore.
Have fun with the diapers!

mrsdanigirl8 said...

You can always have the applix removed and replaced with snaps :) this is what I had done with all of my BG OS diapers. I LOVE my BG OS diapers and have used them since Ethan was out of the newborn size.

The snaps make it easier when Ethan tries to take off his diaper (rarely happens). But most of my applix is still usable after a year and a half of use.

Jessica said...

I would love to see some pics of her in her cloth diapers!! We haven't switched over to cloth yet, but we will once my little girl's cord falls off and the size 1 diapers I bought are gone...I'm hoping we will get a better fit since I'm waiting a little longer to switch over (she's only 10 days old today!!).