Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Family Visit #1 and Sam's First Illness

Samantha had her first family visitors at one month old. Her Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Joanna all came to visit for a few days from Colorado, and several of her great aunts and uncles from California all came to visit for a day as well. It was a very exciting day, getting passed around from relative to relative!

Unfortunately, Sam had her first illness while everyone was visiting too, coming down with a case of the stomach flu. I had been sick the previous week but I completely forgot about that when Samantha started vomiting after each meal a few days later. When she was still getting sick the next morning, we decided to take her to the doctor to make sure she was okay. Due to her age (4 weeks) the doctor wanted to make sure she didn't have Pyloric Stenosis, a stomach obstruction that can occur between 3-5 weeks, so we took her to Children's Hospital to get a stomach ultrasound. The next morning, the day of her ultrasound, Mike woke up with the flu. At that point we remembered my previous illness, and realized that Sam probably had the flu as well. We still went ahead with the ultrasound, just in case, and found out that her pyloris was perfectly normal and we had nothing to worry about. She was feeling like her usual self by then anyway. Poor little baby though, to have a stomach flu at one month old!

Unfortunately we spread our sickness to my family. (Sorry about that!) Samantha didn't seem to be too bothered by her illness though and had a great time with family. She was still perfectly happy and calm in spite of being sick. Now, in just a couple more weeks, her Pappy and GramE from Ohio will be visiting. July will be a fun and busy month of family visitors!

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