Sunday, June 6, 2010

One Month

Dear Samantha,

Today you are one month old. I can't believe you have already been with us for an entire month already! You are growing so fast. At two weeks, when we found out that you had already gained over a pound and grown almost two inches, I couldn't believe it because you still seemed so tiny to me. Now I can definitely see the difference though. You have grown out of your newborn-size clothing, and are now wearing the 0-3 month size. I was a little sad to find that you've outgrown your cute little hospital beanie, too. It seemed so sad to have to pack away clothes that you only wore for a few weeks! I'm having fun dressing you up in new outfits now though!

Over the past month, you have become more and more aware. You are awake longer each day, and you love to look all around at your surroundings. You love to lay in your entertainment gym and look in the mirror and kick the hanging toys to make noises. You love it when Daddy comes home from work to play with you. He gets you so excited sometimes that you get the hiccups! At four weeks we decided to let you try having a bottle so that Daddy could feed you sometimes. You are doing great with it! We are amazed at how much you can eat. You love to look us in the eye while you eat - it's very cute! You love to look at faces, and you are learning to make all sorts of funny faces of your own. We are seeing more and more smiles, and you are playing with your tongue a lot now. Sometimes we even hear giggles out of you while you are dreaming. You are going to be so much fun when you start smiling and giggling in response to us!

It is so much fun to watch you learn and grow. We love you very, very much, and we are excited to see you grow even more!



amber :) said...

awwww she is so precious!! what a beautiful addition to the dwyer/peters/griego/ronquillo/boerstler/greer/brylski clan. :)

thanya said...

Happy One Month Birthday Sam!! You're getting so big already! Madison can't wait to meet you!

Parenting Network said...

So cute. I miss when mine where that tiny. My littlest is almost 9 months. tear. tear.