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Hot Mama Gowns - My Review

During my pregnancy, I kept seeing people blog and tweet about their glamorous hospital gowns. At first I thought it was a silly idea, but when I started noticing photos of the ugly hospital-issued gowns, it started making sense to me. When Hot Mama Gowns offered a chance to wear and review one of their luxurious gowns, I jumped at the opportunity! I thought sure there was no way they'd choose me, so I was THRILLED when I got the email telling me that I would be the lucky recipient of a Hot Mama Gown - and all I had to do was blog about my experience! Many thanks to Deidrea, the founder of Hot Mama Gowns, for this awesome opportunity. Just before I went on maternity leave, I received a Small gown in the LeAnn pattern. The gown was shipped in such gorgeous packaging - I just had to get a photo of it!
LOVE the packaging!

The "LeAnn" pattern

For those of you who haven't already heard, Hot Mama Gowns are the glamorous alternative to the generic hospital gown. They are made of super soft, comfortable 100% organic cotton and are made in the USA. Unlike an ordinary hospital gown, these gowns snap all the way down the back so your booty won't be hanging out for all to see. Plus, there are two individual ribbon-tied panels in the front to allow for quick, easy, and discreet nursing.
(Click here to see the G-Rated demonstration video)
Ribbon-tied nursing panels

I originally had a hard time deciding if I wanted to wear my gown during labor and delivery and risk getting it stained and dirty, or if I just wanted to wait and wear it during my recovery in the hospital. After going through my childbirth classes I ended up deciding that I wanted to wear my own pajamas during Samantha's birth since I wanted the smell and comfort of my own clothes. So, it was an easy decision to save my Hot Mama Gown for after the birth and during my recovery. (The nightgown that I wore during the birth didn't get messed up, by the way!)

After wearing my Hot Mama Gown for a full day of resting and caring for a newborn, it did get a bit of baby poop, cord blood, breast milk and who knows what else on it, so I decided I wanted to change into a clean hospital gown. I figured I'd put it on backwards so that it would be open in front for nursing. What a surprise - there weren't even snaps on the hospital gown. It only had one lonely little tie at the top! If I put it on with the tie in the back it allowed absolutely no access to the front so it was completely impractical for breastfeeding. I ended up taking it off as soon as I put it on! I decided to wear my Hot Mama Gown for another night rather than downgrade to the useless hospital gown.
The Hot Mama Gowns have snaps!!!

The breastfeeding panels were great. Each panel opens individually with a ribbon tie. It was perfect for nursing in the hospital when I was still learning how to breastfeed Samantha. I could easily open one side at a time without having to figure out clips or deal with pushing extra fabric out of the way. It was so easy, and I loved the functionality of it. I got so many compliments from the nurses on my gown. They all said they had never seen such a thing, and wondered where I got it. And of course, I happily told them!
The only downside to my experience was with the snaps that connect the breastfeeding panels to the skirt. After I washed the gown, the plastic snaps just would not stay closed. It wasn't a big deal since the ribbon ties still keep everything closed, but I ended up replacing the plastic snaps with metal ones just to help keep everything together. Otherwise though, the gown was absolutely great and I loved having it in the hospital. I could have actually used a second one for that second day when I REALLY wanted to change my clothes after finally getting a shower!

Hot Mama Gowns are designed to fit every size Mama - even with a bump! The gown expands to fit a pregnant belly and then contracts to fit after labor and delivery. The gowns come in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL to fit moms sizes 2-24 (based on your pre-pregnancy size). Sizes XS-L retail for $119 and sizes XL-XXL are $139. They now have available adorable matching swaddling blankets, retailing for $48. I didn't get one of these, but how cute would it be to wrap your baby in a matching blanket!!! Gift certificates are available if you would like to purchase a gown for a hot mama, but aren't sure which size or pattern she would like. The sizes do seem to run large - I usually wear a medium, but I wore a small Hot Mama Gown, and it was definitely roomy enough for me and my belly!

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These gowns are so comfortable and versatile that you could wear them much longer than just in the delivery and recovery room. They would work great as a nursing gown at home! I personally didn't choose to continue wearing mine since it's not really the style of pajamas I prefer, but it is definitely comfortable and I will be wearing it again whenever Baby #2 comes along. Thanks again to Deidrea and Hot Mama Gowns for allowing me to feel like a Hot Mama during the birth of my little girl!!!

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