Friday, February 6, 2009

Missing the hubs.

So, Mike is away for the weekend, home to see his family. It's not all that long, just a few days. But I already miss him! It's silly, even if he were home, I wouldn't see him all day, or even talk to him on a busy day, but I'm already missing him SO much. Just knowing that he won't be there when I get home tonight...that I'll have to sleep alone (though I do have my kitties!)...that he won't be around tomorrow, or the next day. It makes me a little sad. I'm sure it will go fast - I am having a girl's night tomorrow night, and I have SO many things to do to prepare for it, and then things to do on Sunday, that I will probably be fine. It's just night time that's rough for me. We aren't apart much, so it always seems so weird! For those of you who are apart from your husbands for long periods of time quite regularly, how do you deal with it?


Julie said...

You just do. That doesn't mean that it's easy, and there are definitely good days and bad days when they're away... but when it's the person you love, you do what you have to do, and so do they. :) It just makes you cherish the time that you do have together even more.

zebe912 said...

B doesn't travel and is almost never gone (usually I'm the one leaving for things) but we still never sleep together due to his work shift. Most of the time it feels like we're just passing each other anyway. We don't have another option right now other than going even more broke from him not working, so I guess we just suck it up & deal.