Wednesday, March 17, 2010

31 Week Doctor Visit

Time for a quick update! My doctor appointment yesterday was very quick and easy. Everything is looking good! My total weight gain so far is 22 pounds. (I feel like my face is starting to get a bit fatter now, but I think most of the weight is in my belly!) My blood pressure was 108/60 (I think...I never pay attention. I just know it was good!) My belly is measuring perfectly, and Baby Girl is head down. I was correct in my assumption that I am feeling her butt off to the side of my belly button. She flips sides quite often. I am now down to bi-weekly doctor visits. Time is really going to start going fast now!

And, finally....only 21 more working days until maternity leave!!!!!!

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wineloverscookingdiary said...

So happy to hear that everything is going well! :) You look adorable pregnant by the way.