Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My First Baby Shower!

Saturday was my first baby shower. It was hosted by my good friend Rachel, and was attended by several of my closest friends. I met a lot of these girls on theknot.com several years ago while we were planning our weddings. Over the years we have stayed close, and have developed what I hope will be life-long friendships. In the past year many of us have gotten pregnant and had babies. I am so excited that my daughter already has some built-in friends waiting for her as soon as she's born!

I felt so loved and honored at my shower to have so many friends there to celebrate with me. The theme of the shower was "Love Grows", and Rachel had her house decked out with flowers. She even bought me an orchid with baby-size flowers. She knows how much I love orchids, and wanted to get me a new plant to symbolize my new baby on the way. It is so pretty! She also had several potted ranunculus flowers, and I am planning to plant a couple of them in my garden at home.

As always, the food was delicious! My friend Dani made her famous Monkey Bread for me, at my request. That stuff is SOOOO good - I always eat too much of it! She shared the recipe on her blog, so I will definitely be making this one day soon!
(Photo by Danielle of Dinner With Danielle)

Rachel also made her Egg Cups. (We were discussing that these need a fancier name to match just HOW delicious they are - "Egg Cups" just doesn't do them justice!) These little things are so yummy, you can't eat just one! Dani also posted this recipe on her blog. Another keeper!
(Photo by Danielle of Dinner With Danielle)

The grand finale was a beautiful tower of red velvet cupcakes with vanilla bean frosting, made by my friend Melissa of Le Petite Kupkak. These cupcakes were absolutely delicious! I brought one home for Mike, and he was asking for more. I love red and I love cupcakes, so you can't go wrong with red velvet! And of course, everyone knows how much I love vanilla beans. :)
(Photo by Tessa of Grin and Share It Photography)

My friend Tessa at Grin and Share It Photography took some beautiful photos of my shower. Here are a few of them!

Thanks again to all of my wonderful friends. Words can't express how grateful I am for all your love and support, and for all the wonderful gifts for my little girl!

(All photos below by Tessa of Grin and Share It Photography)
Hooray for Boobies! (Thanks, Clara - I love it!)
Some of my daughter's future BFFs! It's amazing to think that at Ethan's baby shower, there were no other babies there. At my baby's shower, there were 5 babies there!


Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

You looked radiant on Saturday!

And I'm glad you personally requested those items! They are my favorites! I feel so blessed to have such great friends -- who are also so talented in the kitchen!

thanya said...

Awww beautiful pictures at your shower! It looked REALLY yummy too! haha

CB said...

Love all the pictures. Esp the one of you. You look like such a happy preggo! Tessa did a great job. And omg. I had no idea that Melissa (Peyton's mom right?) was the same Melissa from Le Petite Kupkak. I feel like I know her from her blog but I had no idea that they were one and the same. Crazy small world!

Alanna said...

Aw, thank you!

And yes, the Melissa's are one and the same! I have such famous friends. :)