Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Baby Shower #2

As promised, here are some photos and details from my baby shower this past Saturday! The shower was hosted by my wonderful friend, Kara. We had the shower at my house, so she came over the night before and set everything up overnight and all the next morning. I didn't have to do a was wonderful! I wanted to help out in some way though, so I baked some cookies and cupcakes to add to the smorgasbord of goodies.
Cookies & Cream Cupcakes
Deck of Cards Cookies

The theme of the shower was Alice in Wonderland - a Mad Tea Party. I baked cupcakes that said "Eat Me" and cookies shaped like a deck of cards to fit the theme. Kara decked out the house with balloons and flowers, and made spinach dip, crab dip, several types of bruschetta, and some fancy veggie rolls. We also had a delicious chocolate mousse cake. There were mimosas for the non-pregnant girls, and some tasty punch for me.
Unlike my first baby shower that was attended by several baby girls, this shower had baby boys in attendance! There were two handsome little guys at the shower, and another one still in the oven. I can't wait until my little girl gets to meet all of her new friends! My shower was well attended by family members and several of my best friends. I felt so loved, and it was so wonderful to celebrate with everyone.
The Gentlemen-In-Waiting:
SeanBaby X
My little girl was very spoiled (already!) with all the wonderful gifts we received. Many of our guests brought books for the baby, so she already has a great library started. I can't wait to start reading them to her! She has pretty much everything she needs now. I just need to do a load of baby laundry so I can start putting away all of her wonderful gifts. I feel like it's a project I should tackle once I'm on maternity leave, but I'm very anxious to get started on it now. There are just a handful of things we need for her now. We are all definitely feeling very ready to meet her!!!

OMG, fat face!!!!

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