Sunday, March 21, 2010

32 Weeks

We are now 32 weeks pregnant! This week is probably the peak of Little Girl's movement. She's going to start getting so crowded in there now that she won't be able to move much. I still feel her moving often, but her moves are definitely more subtle than they used to be. She is now developing a sensitivity to temperature. Her eyes are blue for now, but we'll have to wait and see if they decide to change color later. At this point, all babies grow at a different pace, but she's probably about the size of a jicama - around 3.75 lbs and 17" long. I'm supposed to be gaining about a pound a week now, and half of that weight is all baby.I can definitely feel that little butt poking out from my belly now. Sometimes it feels like she's leaning out so far that she's going to pop right out from my belly button! She used to always sit with her butt on the left of my belly, but now she's constantly shifting from side to side. I usually feel her thumps up under my ribs (I only feel her IN the ribs every once in a while) and occasionally I feel her way down low. When she gets the hiccups, I can feel the vibration through my whole belly, but especially down low. Weird!
I am definitely feeling the pregnancy waddle now. Even when I try not to, I still feel like I'm waddling. Supposedly this is due to the hormone relaxin that my body is producing to help my pelvic ligaments relax and flex to make delivery easier. I feel like I am peeing constantly now. I didn't think it was possible to pee more than I usually do (I drink a LOT of water), but I think it's doubled now. I always feel the STRONGEST urge to pee, and then I get nothing but a little trickle. Oh joy. I think she's definitely starting to settle in low and put pressure on my bladder! I'm having a harder and harder time sitting and standing now, and bending over is almost a joke. I'm getting good practice for labor with all my grunts and groans just from doing normal daily activities! The sciatic nerve pain is coming more frequently now, but it's not enough to be a huge problem - just shocking at times.

32 Weeks

Tomorrow is Mom's Day Off - I can hardly wait!!!


Carrie said...

I never knew that jicama's were that big :) Sounds like you're progressing fairly well! I hear you with the peeing thing. Feeling the urge to pee and only a trickle come out. Not a fan. You're only a few weeks away though! Can't wait to meet her!

thanya said...

Wow, I am 2 weeks behind you and already feel the waddling, the frequent urges to pee, AND I think I'm actually bigger than you! haha Maybe it's all the cupcakes I've been eating. :) (BTW your St. Patty's cupcakes look delish! I will definitely have to give them a try!)

Have a wonderful and relaxing day off tomorrow!!!