Tuesday, November 3, 2009

12 Weeks (and a few days)

Sorry I'm behind on my updates! This Saturday I finally made it to the 12 week mark. Hooray! This Saturday, I also was busy moving into my new home. Yes, we are FINALLY homeowners! It only took us a year and a half. I am SOOOO glad that part of my life is over. Now we get to deal with all the joys and trials of owning a home. I have to say, I never want to move while pregnant again! Sure, I got out of moving pretty much all the furniture and boxes, but ooh, the hormones. I was just a giant stress monkey by the time we were done moving. But, it's so worth it. We still have boxes everywhere, and it will be weeks before we are completely settled, but we are in, and we are very happy. (Now to find out if we are having a boy or a girl so I can get started on the nursery!)

Time feels like it is starting to move faster now. I can't believe I'm already just about to the 2nd trimester! I can only imagine that it's going to go faster and faster now with the holidays coming up. These next couple of months are going to fly by!

I have been feeling pretty good (other than the recent stress) in the past couple weeks. The nausea seems to be gone for good, and the headaches only show up occasionally, and they aren't so bad. My appetite is still through the roof, but I have yet to gain any weight. My belly is definitely growing. If you didn't know me well, you wouldn't notice, but it's very noticeable to Mike and I. I can still fit in all my pants, but most of my shirts are starting to make me look like quite the fat girl. I think I'll be buying maternity shirts before I start buying maternity pants. (And that is quite alright with me!) I'll get a new belly picture up as soon as I can. My computer at home doesn't have internet yet, so I'll do my best to take care of it later this week.

Now, about baby:
They say that baby is now about the size of a plum from crown to rump. I had my Nuchal Translucency ultrasound this morning, and baby is measuring at right around 11.2 centimeters (and he or she is almost all leg - just like Mommy!).
Baby's reflexes are now in action - the fingers and toes are curling, eye muscles are clenching, and the mouth is making sucking movements. We were able to see baby kicking and squirming as the ultrasound tech prodded my belly. He or she is quite the little wiggler already! The heartbeat today was 148. I am afraid that means it may be a girl…but then again, who really believes in old wive's tales, anyway? Of course, we will be happy either way, but we are sure hoping to see an extra piece of anatomy at our next ultrasound! ;)


CB said...

LOL @ extra piece of anatomy! I'm so excited for you, M and BANIG! Congrats on your new home. So tell me. Is the stress worth it? I'm in the stage where I'm feeling it's not but I know in a few weeks when we finally get the keys, I'll change my mind. Just reassure me that it's worth it b/c I'm going crazy!!

Alanna said...

It's definitely worth it! There are still boxes everywhere, but little by little, it's feeling more and more like home! It's just nice to have the buying part over with. Hang in there!!!!