Sunday, November 8, 2009

13 Weeks

Yesterday I was 13 weeks, and today I am 3 months pregnant. Next week I officially start my second trimester!!! These past few weeks have gone by SO fast.

Baby is now about the size of a peach (from crown to rump - obviously these froggy legs on my little swimmer are at least the length of the body!
The baby's teeth and vocal cords are now forming. Baby is now swallowing amniotic fluid, and peeing it out. Lovely thought, isn't it? The baby also now has his or her very own set of fingerprints. And if the baby is a girl, her ovaries already contain over 2 million eggs. Now THAT is crazy!

I've been feeling pretty good these past couple of weeks. I am now to the point in my pregnancy where morning sickness and fatigue usually fade away. I haven't really had either problem for a couple of weeks already. Supposedly my libido is supposed to go back up sometime soon, but we'll see about that! I'm not sure if I've gained any weight yet or not, but I definitely feel like I'm getting huge. Some times in the day, I still feel pretty skinny and can button my jeans. Other times, I'm huge and can't even zip them up! My biggest issue right now is my bladder. I feel the need to pee CONSTANTLY. The bad thing is that I usually don't have to go. You know how sometimes you have to pee so bad it hurts? Well, I have that feeling ALL the time, even right after I pee. I'm sure it just has to do with where my uterus is in relation to my bladder, but I sure hope this doesn't last long!

The other big change in this past week is that I switched doctors. I went to a class to learn about doulas the other night, and it was very eye-opening. I am not opposed to getting an epidural, but I want my birth to progress naturally as long as possible, with minimal interventions. I found out that my doctor and hospital have EXTREMELY high C-section and episiotomy rates, and I am NOT okay with that. So, I switched to a new doctor that gets rave reviews, is very willing to go along with more natural birth procedures, and on top of that, the location is much closer to home. So, I am very excited, and I'm already feeling much more comfortable about giving birth!

Sorry I never got around to posting any belly pics for you last week. Here is my photo from last week (shortly after 12 weeks).

Here I am this weekend, at 13 weeks:

And just for fun - since this is the angle that I see my belly from most often!

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