Monday, November 9, 2009

Beaba Baby Food Cooker Giveaway

I am SOOO excited about this giveaway. I fully intend to make baby food myself rather than go out and buy hundreds of little jars. When I discovered that there was a handy little gadget that contains everything you need to make baby food in one unit, I about fell over with excitement.

I discovered this super cool gadget over at The Shopping Mama. I really really hope I win!!!! Making baby food is one of those things, along with cloth diapering, that I am really excited about doing. It is not only better for our budget, but it is also much better for the environment. You can't beat that!

Go check out the giveaway - even though I secretly hope that not TOO many people enter, because I really really want to win! :)

Here's some info on the Beaba Babycook:

About Beaba

Founded in 1989 and headquartered in France, Beaba is revolutionizing the traditional infant market by offering today’s parents a range of conceptually and technically innovative products, including the groundbreaking Babycook, the Original Babyfood Maker™. Their mission is to listen to what parents want and ensure that safety, functionality and ergonomics are the forefront of the priority list when it comes to babies’ well being.

What is the Babycook?

The Beaba Babycook is a one-stop shop for making babyfood. This small, counter-top appliance includes a water-heating reservoir (for steaming), a 2.5 cup bowl, a cooking basket to use when steaming and then to drain, a blade for pureeing and a splatula to get all your goodness from the bowl. The Babycook also comes with an instruction manual that includes a few recipes. Here’s how it works: fill the water reservoir with water to steam, place food in the steamer basket and start steaming. It cooks food in less than 15 minutes! Next, drain the food in the basket and then place it in the food bowl. Puree to desired consistency and you’re done.

Babycook Features

  • Steamer, Blender, Warmer, Defroster in one
  • BPA safety tested
  • All pieces are dishwasher safe

Also, check out the Scandinavian Child website for even more cool baby stuff. I am having such a hard time restraining myself from spending too much money!


And for more information on how to make your own baby food, check out this blog post at The Shopping Mama. I will definitely be coming back to this site for tips once my baby is ready to eat solid food!

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