Friday, December 18, 2009

18 Week Checkup

Today I had my 18 week checkup. Everything is looking great! To my surprise and excitement, the doctor asked me if I wanted to do another ultrasound. Well, why not?!? So, we went to check in on the little bean. He asked if I wanted to find out the baby's gender, so I just said yes - I figured it would be fun to see if he came to the same conclusion! My little girl was being modest today, and had her legs crossed like a little lady, and even had her hand in front of her goods. We managed to maneuver her a bit, but from the angle we were able to see, the doc said he would guess (about 75% sure) that we were having a girl. No surprise there!

She sure is getting big - it's looking more and more crowded in there! Her legs are crossed and folded, and she doesn't have so much room to move around. I asked the doctor if it was normal that I would have felt her twice earlier this week, but nothing since. He said it can take a while longer to start feeling regular movement. I'd be happy just to feel another flutter again soon! It was good to see her moving around though.

As for me, things are looking good. I have still only gained 2 pounds, up to 139 pounds. I am pretty surprised that at 18 weeks I've only gained this much! I'm definitely not complaining though!

I asked about the birthing center, but it looks like I'll probably be delivering before the center is ready. I'm not worried though - I know that the hospital I'll be delivering at is a good one for natural birth options.

Just two more weeks until the BIG ultrasound! We'll get to spend about 45 minutes with the tech and measure everything. It'll be fun to get to see our little girl for such a long amount of time!

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