Monday, December 28, 2009

A Recap of 2009

2009 in Review:

January: President Obama was inaugurated. This also happened to be the day I woke up sick as a dog and had to stay home from work. We continued house-hunting and making offers on houses. The Chargers made it into the playoffs and kicked the Colt's behinds. Mike and I went on a whale watching cruise. We participated in San Diego Restaurant Week for the first time (The Brigantine in Del Mar). I went to a baby shower for the first of many of my friends that were expecting in 2009!

February: I baked cupcakes for a Superbowl party. One of my mystery orchids started blooming! Hubby went to visit family for a weekend, and I MISSED him lots!!! I hosted a fun party just for girls. I went through a phase of the blues. Mike and I went to dinner at Croce's downtown for Valentine's day, and went to see the movie "Coraline". We had our first offer accepted on a house, and we began escrow process #1.

March: I was really bad about updating my blog. I was very busy making plans for my new home. March was very mentally and emotionally stressful. I started doing more research on starting my own business.

April: We found out that we were NOT getting the house we had been agonizing over all month. We resumed our house-hunting. We saw Leonard Cohen in concert and he was awesome. We went to a screening for our roommate's movie, "Between the Lines". We went to a car show. My in-laws came to stay for a week, and my office moved to our new location. Mike and I thought we were going to have to move since our old roommate moved out, but we decided to get a new roommate instead.

May: I went to another baby shower for yet another friend due in 2009. We found a house we absolutely adored, but unfortunately it didn't work out. I was a featured blogger on The Foodie Blogroll's Foodie Friday. Mike and I went on a road trip up the California coast and visited Napa for the first time.

June: We continued to look at houses. We went to the Del Mar Fair a LOT. I was so busy having fun that I didn't blog at all. (*blush*) Probably TMI, but I went off The Pill. Mike and I started looking for another roommate. Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett died. Mike built me a bookbinding press. We had an offer accepted on a house and began Escrow process #2.

July: Mike and I went to Vegas to celebrate our 2nd anniversary and the 4th of July. We saw "LOVE" and watched the fireworks at the M Casino. I finally realized that I was just not into blogging about food anymore. We had a big Tiki BBQ Bash at our house by the beach. Mike and I went to see Tears for Fears in concert and it was AWESOME. I went to see Coldplay in concert and they were awesome too. Mike and I went to the Del Mar races quite a few times. I bought a big paper cutter for my bookbinding business. We got a fun new roommate. We found out that we were not getting house #2, either.

August: We began our home search yet again. I attended two more baby showers this month. I saw the Flaming Lips in concert. AWESOME! I was given a Mac laptop. I got hit on by an old bum with a skullet. Once again, I was having too much fun living to update my blog. My honey went to visit family again, and I missed him lots. (It sucks when your hubby gets several extra weeks of vacation time than you do!) I got my first real bookbinding job. I had several emotional breakdowns for some unknown reason.

September: Mike and I went to a couple of pre-season Chargers games. I discovered the reason for the emotional breakdowns - I found out I was pregnant! My Father-in-Law came to town. My Green Lady orchid bloomed! We got hardcore on our Realtor and told her we NEEDED a house ASAP. We had a big celebration for Mike's birthday. I started doing all sorts of baby research. I had an exciting new job offered to me and then quickly had the offer retracted. We had an offer accepted on a house and began Escrow process #3.

October: I had my first prenatal appointment and Mike and I got to see our baby and hear the heartbeat. I got a Google Wave invite. (What a letdown that was!) My baby began craving cheeseburgers. Mike and I went to an Oktoberfest party at our German friend's house. I had another SICK day from work (not pregnancy related). Totally miserable! I had a heart-to-heart chat with my boss. I went to yet another baby shower! Mike's aunts came to town to visit us. We didn't do anything for Halloween because: We FINALLY signed escrow papers and moved into our very own home!!!

November: We had another ultrasound and got to see our little bean with SUPER long legs. I began researching doulas and childbirth methods. We celebrated my birthday with a simple celebration at an Anaheim Ducks hockey game. The Chargers started winning and winning and winning. I won a BellyBar giveaway on Facebook. I got my very own Kitchen Aid mixer. I joined a Meetup group for north county moms and moms-to-be. Mike and I went on vacation and road-tripped through the southwest. I went to see "New Moon" with the girls. We had a Turkey dinner with good friends. I switched OB/GYNs. Mike and I bought our very first dining table and went to Costco. Mike and I hosted Thanksgiving for the first time in our new home. We decided we couldn't wait until January and paid for a 4D ultrasound and found out that we are having a GIRL!

December: I got my flu shots. I discovered and started a new addiction with buying baby stuff. We had a successful housewarming party. We have awesome friends. I attended a prenatal yoga class. I started researching nursery decorating ideas. My work had an amazing Christmas party, and I got a Kindle as a gift. Mike's work had a nice holiday dinner. I baked cookies and made hand bound journals for our families. I felt my baby move for the first time. We ordered Christmas cards and due to a miscommunication, they turned out BAD (and were late) so for the first time since we've been together, we did not send out cards. We saw "Avatar" in 3D. Mike and I celebrated Christmas at home alone since it will be our last one with just the two of us. We got lots of fun gifts. We watched "Up" and the new "Harry Potter." The Chargers played on Christmas day, and we won! We spent the day after Christmas with my extended family in southern California. I made it to the halfway point of my pregnancy, and I am getting bigger and bigger.

All in all, it has been an amazing year. So much has happened, and the changes in our lives are just beginning! I am expecting 2010 to be an even more amazing year.

Things to come in 2010:
Celebrate the New Year. Have our big anatomy scan ultrasound. Watch the Chargers in the playoffs. Watch the Superbowl! Start taking childbirth classes. Register for baby stuff. Install new windows in our house. Get my home bookbinding business started for real. Have a baby shower. Decorate my little girl's nursery. Become a MOM!!! Celebrate the holidays and take a vacation as a family of 3.

I can hardly wait!


Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

Love the recap!! Sounds like such an adventurous year - with travels packed inbetween near-escrow moments!

Hooray to being settled in 2010 - and a new parent. Exciting

Jeff Green said...

What a house hunting experience you had gone through.
Glad to read that finally, you moved in to your very own house.