Sunday, December 13, 2009

18 Weeks

18 weeks and Mama is so busy that she hardly has time to blog! Between holiday events and Christmas baking, I hardly have time to sit at my computer. But, I want to be sure to give my weekly update!

Little Girl is still growing and growing. Her skin is developing its layers, and she is coated with a waxy-like substance to protect her skin as she floats in amniotic fluid. It will also help her to slip out easier when her birthday arrives! Her uterus and all her other lady parts are formed now - it's a uterus within a uterus! She is now about the size of a sweet potato, or somewhere around 6" from crown to rump. She's moving all around, but I have yet to feel her. I know my abs can't be THAT tight, so hopefully I'll be feeling her in the next week or two!
Mama is feeling pretty good. The digestive issues have returned somewhat, but nowhere near as bad as the first trimester. There are little things here and there that are just gross and annoy me, but I will spare you the details. :) Otherwise, I'm pretty much feeling like my usual self! I do have to try to get up slowly so I won't pull a muscle or get round ligament pain, but I haven't really noticed any issues with dizziness yet. I'm definitely showing now, but I still feel like I'm too small for strangers to even guess that I'm pregnant.
My maternity Chargers tee was in the wash today, so I squeezed into my regular tee. I was definitely popping out today! Speaking of the Chargers, we won our 8th straight game today - woohoo!!! Mike surprised me with an early Christmas gift today. We are going to the Chargers game vs. the Bengals next weekend! I am super excited. This will be Baby's 3rd Charger game already. I'm sure she'll be a huge fan! :)


Jana said...

She better be a fan!!!!

Melissa said...

okay, I am lame, and just found your newest blog. haven't I been out of the loop of things. ha ha. You look amazing and congrats again!

Alanna said...

LOL Glad you found me! Thanks...and congrats to you too - can't wait for your little girl to arrive!