Thursday, April 1, 2010

33 Week Doctor Visit

Just a quick update from my doctor visit yesterday. Everything is still looking good! Mike was able to come with me this time so he could meet our doctor as well.

Weight gain: 25 lbs total (More than I would like...I need to be careful in this last month so that I don't gain too much more! The average is 25-35 pounds total during your entire pregnancy, and I was hoping to stay closer to 25.)
Blood pressure: 112/75 (I think? Something like that...they said it was good.)
Belly: Measuring right on schedule!
Heartbeat: Not sure of the BPM, but it sounded strong and healthy!

We still aren't sure if the birthing center will be completed in time for me to deliver there, but at this point I really don't mind either way. I am completely comfortable and prepared to deliver at the hospital. I know everything will be just fine however things work out!

One thing that really caught my attention: my doctor told me that at 34 weeks (which I will be in 2 days!), they won't stop labor. Meaning that if I were to go into labor at pretty much anytime now, this little girl will be coming! I'm not expecting her to come this early, but it was quite an eye opener to realize that we are already to that point! I don't mind if she comes a little early, but I'm hoping that she'll at least wait until the beginning of May so that I can enjoy some Me Time before she arrives. (And I'm still okay with it if she comes late, too. If my due date comes and goes, I'll just look at it as an extended personal vacation. I have to make the best of my time to myself while I still can!)

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