Saturday, April 10, 2010


Today is another milestone in my pregnancy - it's my 35/35! I am 35 weeks along with 35 days to go. 40 weeks will be here before I know it! Baby is somewhere around 6 pounds, and is mainly just putting on fat now. She will be putting on about an ounce a day. She's somewhere around 18"-19" and probably won't grow too much longer at this point. I'm pretty sure that she is really low. I've gotten several comments on how low I am carrying. And I can definitely feel her, between the constant need to pee and the weird lightning shocks I get in my pelvis when she moves down there. My uterus is well up under my ribs now (and I am definitely getting frequent kicks up there now!) and the amniotic fluid is starting to decrease as my belly gets more and more full of baby.
Well, it's milk factories work. I'm a little freaked out by it... I was SO not prepared to see that. But hey, at least I know they are working! I feel like I am constantly peeing now. As soon as I walk away from the restroom, the urge strikes again. It's like each time I pee I make more room for the baby, so she moves down onto my bladder again. I had no idea it was possible to pee as many times a day as I do now! I'm also finding it necessary to start loading up on the fiber again. All that pressure down there is slowing other things down. I'm really not having any issues with heartburn or anything like that, thankfully.
35 Weeks

We weren't able to schedule my next doctor appointment until a week from Monday, so I'm guessing that after this next appointment, I'll probably be going in every week until I go into labor. This last month is going to go by pretty fast (I hope!)! My major "To Do's" are:

Make and freeze meals to eat after Baby arrives
Pack hospital bag
Put together all my notes from childbirth class, hospital paperwork, birth plan, etc. so that I feel organized
Wash baby clothes and put away everything still in packages in the baby's room.

My belly button hasn't popped out, but it's pretty much non-existent at this point!

This coming week is my last week at work, so I will be finishing everything up. My coworkers very graciously offered to throw me a baby shower on Wednesday, so that will be fun. That was very sweet and unexpected of them! Otherwise, I'll be continuing to train the girl who is filling in for me, and wrapping up loose ends around the office. I have a feeling this week will go fast! I already have plenty of things to do the following week. This is going to be an exciting month!


Carrie said...

I love how the diagram pictures show what your supposed to look like in relation to the baby growing inside. When in all actuality, your belly wouldn't fit on the page!! Only a few more weeks!!

Kt said...

I've heard from so many people that the urge to pee is incredbile during those last few weeks - that's one part I'm not looking forward to. How do you manage sleeping? And how are you still working when you have to pee that often? Nervous for all of these things!

Alanna said...

Kt, it's actually not as bad as I thought it might be. I sleep okay, but I usually wake up once or twice a night to pee. I normally don't have a hard time getting back to sleep though. I manage okay at work, although I take a LOT of pee breaks! I just figure it's good for me to get up and move around anyway. :) You'll do fine!