Friday, April 23, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Crib Bedding

Thanks to poster Jessica, I realized that I never did share any photos of the crib bedding that I made for the nursery!

Here are a few pictures. I sewed the crib skirt, the quilt, and the pillow inside the crib. (None of the pillows, toys, etc. will stay in the crib...they are just there for storage right now!)

On a side note, we got our glider last night!!! I'll have to post some updated nursery pics soon once we get all the final details in.

(Click images to view larger.)
A couple shots of the crib all together...

...and a couple shots of the back of the quilt and pillow.


Jessica said...

Thanks for sharing!! It turned out awesome!!

thanya said...

Absolutely beautiful!!! Amazing job Alanna!!!

chelsee coleman said...

I love this and I've been looking every where for a nice Alice in wonderland crib set and this is the only one I've found! Can I ask where you got the fabric with the Alice pictures on it?

Alanna said...

Hi Chelsee! I actually found the fabric on a couple different websites. I just searched for alice in wonderland fabric and discovered a line that had several Alice prints. I think I got some on eBay and some from some quilt stores online. The name of one of the prints was "Portraits of Alice". Hope that helps!