Thursday, September 24, 2009

September 24, 2009

This has been a crazy week. Lots of very exciting things are falling into place for us - things that I will share with you in time. :)

I have not really felt sick at all this week, but oh, the fatigue. It is really setting in. I feel like I have been up til 3 every night this week, when in fact, I've been sleeping as much as I usually do. I long for naps every day, though I've only had time to fit one in so far. (I was napping a bit ago, but I was so hungry, I couldn't sleep!) I have been hungry a lot today. I've been sticking with my small, healthy, frequent meals, but today I just haven't been able to get enough. Yesterday and today, I've been having mild cramping. It really worries me, but everything I've read says that unless it's severe cramping or I'm spotting, I don't need to worry about it. Mild cramping is normal, since it's just my uterus expanding and things moving around in there to make room for the baby.

It's weird to think that had I not taken that random test on a whim, I still wouldn't know I was pregnant! Unless my sore boobs made me suspicious, I probably would have still been waiting for my period to show up as expected. I probably would have ended up testing this coming Saturday. So crazy!

Time is getting closer and closer to my first appointment. I can't wait!


Sarah said...

I am still so excited for you! 2nd tri you feel better and have a lot more energy. Then you feel tired all the time late in 3rd. How exciting w/ your first appointment! It felt like a lifetime before my first one.

Kat Graz said...

Hey Mamma!!!

I had plenty of cramping in the beginning. I even was spotting quite a bit until my 14th week and then again in the third trimester. Try not to freak out over it all- it can be overwhelming. Everyone's pregnancy is so different. I remember getting so scared because I asked other women if it was normal to spot and they all looked at me with this freaked out look. Come to find out it is normal for many women.
So try to relax, get rest and enjoy. I know it's very cliche but it really does seem to go fast. I can say that now in retrospect. Try to enjoy it!!!

Alanna said...

Thanks, girls! It's so nice to have so many friends who have been through this recently. Every day is a new adventure!!!