Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September 9, 2009

The pregnancy constipation is really starting to bother me today! I'm not really having any other symptoms...I don't even feel that tired today!...but the constipation is causing some gas pains, and my abdomen in general is NOT comfortable. I hope this will pass soon, although I don't expect it to! I will be taking Metamucil from now on. I was hoping this wouldn't be an issue for me, since I've always struggled with constipation, but I guess I kind of knew it was coming! Other than that, I definitely have the pregnancy brain! I feel so scatterbrained. I can't focus, and I keep making stupid little mistakes! Oh boy! :P

On the bright side, today I told my sister and my best girlfriends about the baby. It feels SO good to be able to go to my new mommy friends with questions now - it was so hard keeping it a secret! I can't wait to tell everyone else! I don't know when to tell everyone at work yet. It seems like 3 months is the going time frame, but that seems like SO long. If I let everyone else know after two months, they will definitely know at work too. I'd like to let them know before my first appointment so they'll understand why I have to go to the doctor frequently. I might tell them on Friday, if they decide to break out the wine. We will see!

This afternoon, my boobs suddenly started hurting again. It was like they suddenly grew, and were weighing me down. It was a crazy feeling! I had to look at them to make sure they weren't rapidly expanding before my eyes. It is a relief to me that my symptoms are still kickin'. I was a teeny bit paranoid that the breast tenderness went away, so I am glad it's back. And, I hope it means they are going to start growing soon! :)


mrsdanigirl8 said...

Fiber, fiber, fiber... it's going to be the best thing you add to your diet :) Oh, and Tessa is taking this FE iron pill and B12. That seems to help with her tummy troubles! SOoo happy for you!!!

Alanna said...

Thanks! :) I've already been taking my fiber supplements, and so far, so good! Thanks for the tips on tummy troubles too...I'll definitely keep that in mind! I've been using the Psi Bands lately, and they seem to work pretty well so far.