Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cuppycakes! A review.

Tonight I got home from the gym, and I literally squealed in delight when I saw the package waiting for me from CB! I opened it up, and there were four perfect little cupcakes, along with frosting for them! They were packaged so adorably...perfect little pastry boxes and little cupcake cups wrapped up and nestled snugly in their little spaces. Turns out, I had successfully passed the application process for becoming a cupcake taster for Mr. Cuppycakes, so my next step in the race to be the next great taste tester was to post a review of these delectable delights. I just happened to have 3 other people here to compare notes with, which worked out wonderfully. Everyone was super excited to try them!

First I did the sniff test, since I wasn't sure what flavor they were. My suspicions were correct...they were cinnamon cupcakes, along with cinnamon frosting! They had a wonderful, spicy aroma. They looked perfect, like little bits of heaven.

CB even packaged the frosting, which I believe to be cream cheese flavored with cinnamon sugar, in a little baggie for easy frosting capability. I carefully frosted each one, and we all settled down with our apple cinnamon flavored tobacco, tea, and cupcakes.

The verdict:
Very delicious! All 4 tasters agreed. The flavor was excellent, and the texture was great - it was very fine and light. I personally thought they were a tad bit dry, but I am very much a fan of super moist and filled cakes. Everyone else thought they were perfect as-is. The frosting was also delicious, I definitely liked it. It was also spice flavored. We thought it seemed like more of a glaze, and not quite so much like cake frosting. I liked it that way, but Mike prefers it thick and fluffy.

Overall I think the cupcakes were a success, though if I were making them, I would probably give them a filling.

Thanks, CB, for an awesome tasting challenge!


CB said...

Dear Alanna, iheartcuppycakes! is very impressed with your review of our snickerdoodle cupcake. We appreciate your review and please thank your other taste-testers as well. At this time, we will review the other candidates and be in touch.
Sincerely, Mr. Cuppycakes

Kate said...

Great review! Can you review people keep talking about them...I want to know the truth..

sandy said...

I've tried Leynas kitchen they are really the best in LA!!