Monday, January 21, 2008

Weekly Menu 1/21 - 1/26

Wow, this has been a rough weekend. Other than meeting my wonderful friend Rachel for happy hour on Friday evening, which was delightful as always, things just went from bad to worse. To top it all off, my Chargers lost, which sunk me into deep depression. And Patriots fans, instead of being courteous, rub it in our faces. I am trying to be happy that only two teams in the entire NFL made it further than we did, which is no small feat! I just don't deal well with people making fun of me and the things I love. :( I did make some fun Chargers cupcakes though, that I will post when I get a chance to take the pictures off of my camera.

So, moving's hope for a better week. After today, I only have 5 more Mondays at this job that I hate. Here's hoping that my business will get off the ground quickly in these next couple weeks!

Here is my menu for the next week:

Monday: Sesame Chicken & Vegetable Rice
Tuesday: Bruschetta Chicken with Pasta & Salad
Wednesday: Grilled Fish, Baked Sweet Potatoes, & Steamed Veggies
Thursday: Pan-Fried Stuffed Chicken With Prosciutto, Mozzarella and Basil
Friday: Buffalo Chicken Burgers
Saturday: Grilled Italian Sausage


CB said...

aaawww love. me sorry you had a bad week. Who made fun of my Alanna? I'll kick them in the knees! Definitely post your charger cupcakes! I wanna see!! (( H+L ))

Natalie said...

Sounds like a delish menu! I felt bad for all of my born-and-bred San Diego friends yesterday! They really did get far though!

Nikki57 said...

Ohh hun, I'll apologize right now if I said anything to make you feel bad. I was just playing around.

I think so many people hate the Pats and talk shit and complain about them that we kind of get numb to people crapping on our team and it can make it harder to realize when you may be upsetting people.

SD def did a great job and there's always next year!

Rachel said...

Smooch! Can't wait to HH again with you soon!