Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More wedding pics....

After looking at all my friends' wedding photos, and voting again (you can vote every day - I would be super fantastically pleased if you'd go vote for me again today! ;)), I have been looking through more of my photos, and I feel like sharing the ones that didn't make it into the top 7. Just for fun. Bear with me...I'm still a newlywed and get a little sentimental over the best day of my life. :) ::cheese!::
I promise, no more wedding stuff after this! :)

I love this picture of Mike, getting ready.

My "something old, borrowed, and blue." My mother-in-law's antique pendant, passed down to her from her grandfather. I was going to wrap it around my bouquet, but I decided that I loved the way it looked with my dress.

I love how pretty the aisle looked with these pomanders.

Me and my girls.

I think this shot is adorable...everyone making cheesy faces at us. :)

My husband is just too freaking adorable in this picture. :)

A very cool winery shot. :)

This is the photo we sent out with all our thank you's.
You gotta have the barrel room photos!

Here come the newlyweds! Ready to party. :)

Father & Daughter Dance

My cake table looks super cool in this shot...though you can only see the very top of the "I DO" letters.

I think this is such a classic, pretty picture of the cake cutting.

My nephew thoroughly enjoyed his cake... :)

Time to boogie!

Not sure what Mike is doing here...

Oh yeah, I like to get down on the dance floor!

The coolest bouquet toss shot ever...I totally threw it over everyone's head!

This shot is one of my favorites...end of the night, so romantic. :)

Thanks for putting up with all my wedding reminiscing! :)


Rachel said...

A-Your pics are 2D4! Love them. xoxo

Alanna said...

Aw, thanks! *muah*

jesse said...

@_@ Wow, this is SO amazing. You...

1). Are too pretty for words
2). Have my dream dress with the flash of red
3). Have the yummiest looking cake ever
4). ...and you know how to drop dat bootay on the dance floor.

I loved the wedding pictures, and although this is my first visit to your blog, they made me so happy for some reason. Thanks for making my day!

Alanna said...

Aw, thank you!!! :)

A. Grace said...

your pictures are lovely!

hey, maybe you could bribe some folks at the passport office and use one of those photos for your passport. it's just a thought, although i suspect that bribing government employees is frowned upon... :)

Alanna said...

Ha ha! You are clever like me. I actually tried that, and they sent it back to me! Apparently my wedding dress and makeup wasn't considered "street clothes." Boo!