Friday, February 8, 2008

Wasabi Salmon and Crabby Potatoes

I've realized that this is really the only way Mike will eat salmon anymore. Everytime he hears I'm making it, he gets whiny and says he wants it with wasabi and soy. So, I've gotten pretty good at it. Here's what I do...

Heat sesame oil in a skillet. Put the salmon fillets in the skillet and pour a bit of soy sauce over the top. Top each fillet with as much wasabi as you can handle. ;) Then, sprinkle sesame seeds over the top. I cooked these until they were cooked about halfway through, then put them under the broiler to cook the top. I served them with a bit of soy sauce drizzled over the top.

For the potatoes, make mashed potatoes as usual, and add imitation crab and wasabi. Mike bought a different brand of imitation crab this time, and though he usually LOVES the stuff, he didn't care for it this time. I thought it was totally bland, and couldn't taste it in the potatoes at all. Dexter and Chloe loved the crabby pieces though. :)

I served the salmon and potatoes with our favorite, edamame sprinkled with sea salt. Yum!

**On a sad note: While I was eating, my lips were stinging really bad. I'm starting to think that soy sauce and/or salt is causing my strange lip reaction (swelling and cracking). This is very sad to me, because I LOVE soy sauce and I always like my food salty! This would be a devastating blow if this is the case!


Natalie said...

aw hon, I'm sorry about your lips! Does Vaseline help? My lips have been going all chappy lately -- but they've responded well to moisture remedies.
What brand do you usually use? Is it the one pictured -- or is that the flavorless one?

Alanna said...

I've been trying Vaseline, Blistex, and Chapstick, but nothing really seems to work. :( I'm sure some of it is from the cold, but it's not THAT cold, and I've never had this reaction before. It seems more like an allergic thing than anything else! :P

That brand is the flavorless one. I don't remember the brand we usually get, but it's in a smaller, blue package.